Книга: Изучение времен английского глагола

Настоящее простое

Настоящее продолженное

Цели урока

— Продолжить работу по формированию грамматических навыков.

— Тренировать учащихся в умении использовать в речи Present Simple, Present Progressive.

— Активизировать изученную лексику.

— Формировать умения письменной речи.

— Развивать навыки монологической, диалогической речи: выражать свое мнение, обосновывая его с помощью двух-трех фраз.

— Развивать аудитивные умения и навыки.

Present Progressive

To be +V +ing

To be=is, am, are

I am reading

Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Progressive and the Present Simple

— (help) She------------------ She-----------------------------

— (play) HE----------------- HE ---------------------------

— (cry) I — I ---------------------------

— (sleep) It — It -----------------------------

— (swim) We — We -------------------------

— (work) It — It -------------------------

— (run) They — They -----------------------

— (cut) I — I --------------------------

— (skate) Ann — Ann ---------------------

— (write) The boys — The boys ---------------

Write sentences ,use this words

— A letter

— A football match

— The film

— A doll

— Her dress

— Juice

— Cut

— Drink

— Read

— Swim

— Look

— Draw

40. Look at the picture of exercise 38 and answer the questions.

— Is Karlson giving an interview?

— What is the dolphin doing?

— Where are the little ducks sitting?

— Who is listening to music?

— Why are the friends laughing?

— Are the babies sleeping or crying?

Look at the picture and answer the questions

Correct each sentence

— They are usually wearing coats in winter

— She is wear a beautiful dress now.

— She usually wear gloves in winter.

— Do you wearing a red shirt now?

— What are you usually doing on Sunday?

— What do you do now?

— The weather is bad today, is it?

— They are in the box, aren’t there?

13. Look at the pictures. Write down the answers.

— Mother:

— Is John doing his homework?

— Is Dad working in the garden?

— Is Nancy playing the violin?

— Is Sparky sleeping?

— Is grandma knitting?

— Is grandpa watching a football match?


— Ex .11 ,p 55 .Write the verbs in Ing –form

— Ex 27, p 49.Read and translate the texts.

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