Контрольная работа: по Английскому языку 4


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«Английский язык»


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специальности 080109 «Бухгалтерский учет, анализ и аудит»

Анисинкина Анастасия Александровна


Алышева Наталья Евгеньевна

Тула 2011 год


I . Перепишите предложения, употребив глагол
to be в Present Simple :

1) Mr. Watson is Marketing Manager.

2) I am his assistant.

3) Are you very busy?

4) She is not our secretary, she a typist.

5) It is a computer programme.

6) We are from the Russian Trade Delegation.

7) Our chief is 39 years old.

8) Are you a hotel receptionist?

9) Is it a new price-list?

10) Are they your regular customers?

II . Напишите следующие предложения
во множественном числе:

1) That office is old.

Those offices are old.

2) Who is that man?

Who are those men?

3) That is his order.

Those are his orders.

4) This postman delivers letters.

These postmen deliver letters.

5) Do you know this manager?

Do you know these managers?

6) This is an interesting offer.

These are interesting offers.

7) This man is a manager.

These men are managers.

8) That house is old.

Those houses are old.

9) The key is on this table.

The keys are on these tables.

10) This is a lovely city.


III . Опишите офис компании, используя данную информацию. Составьте предложения с there is/there are, there is not/ there are not :

Образец: 5 desks Yes

Ответ: There are 5 desks in the office.

A mirror No
4 computers Yes
A carpet on the floor No
A printer Yes
6 chairs No
A big window Yes

There is not a mirror in the office.

There are 4 computers in the office.

There is not a carpet on the floor in the office.

There is a printer in the office.

There are not 6 chairs in the office.

There is a big window in the office.

IV . Заполните пропуски с помощью some , any или no :

1) Are there any letters for me?

2) She is receiving some visitors at the moment.

3) The room is empty. There is no furniture in it.

4) It’s so hot! Would you like some juice?

5) Some German firms are going to do business with our company.

6) I am very busy. I have no time to speak to you now.

7) We have not got any orders for these goods today.

8) Could you give me some tea?

9) Are they looking through any price-lists now?

10) There are not any contracts here.

V . Употребите, где нужно, глагол to have или оборот have got :

1) I usually have lunch at 2 o’clock.

2) Excuse me, can I have a look at your order, please?

3) Our secretary likes to keep fit, so she has got a swim every day.

4) I have got some letters. Would you like to read?

5) Do you have enough experience?

VI . Употребите данные в скобках глаголы во времени Present Simple или Present Continuous :

1) She is talking to him on the phone right now.

2) We normally do not hold our conference in Spain.

3) Our Sales Manager usually deals with important clients.

4) The delegation is staying at the Hilton until Friday.

5) Does he often visit the plant?

6) Our manager is not writing a report at the moment.

7) This company produces new equipment.

8) Are they discussing the terms of delivery now?

9) I always check my e-mail first thing in the morning.

10) We are developing a new marketing strategy now.

VII . Заполните пропуски словами much , many или a lot of :

1) How many machines do you want to buy?

2) I haven’t got much time, but I’ll try to help you.

3) She meets many customers every day.

4) Do you know many people in this company?

5) This client always asks a lot of questions.

VIII. Заполните пропуски , используя little/a little, few/ a few :

1) We have few customers in New York and we send them orders every month.

2) If you think a little you can give me the right answer.

3) I know a few hotels in this town. All of them are very good.

4) The secretary usually makes few appointments for Friday.

5) A few Russian people speak Japanese.

6) I am very busy. I have little time to speak to you.

IX . Задайте вопросы к следующим репликам:

Пример: Yes, Jim is a manager.

Ответ: Is Jim a manager?

1) Our company has many orders this year.

Does your company have any orders to that model?

2) No, we are not busy now.

Are you busy now?

3) I usually send letters by fax.

Do you usually send letters by fax?

4) Yes, she always stays with her chief at the meeting.

Does she always stay with her chief at the meeting?

5) Tom knows about it, not Bill.

Does Tom know about it or Bill?

6) They are in Italy, not in Spain.

Are they in Italy or in Spain?

7) He is a very good manager, not a bad one.

Is he a very good manager or a bad one?

8) It is easy to do it, not difficult.

Is it easy to do it or difficult?

9) It is the right answer, not a wrong one.

Is it the right answer or a wrong one?

X . Закончите следующие вопросительные предложения:

1) He doesn’t want to discuss this matter with us, does he?

2) They are already here, aren’t they?

3) We are going to discuss the offer right now, aren’t we?

4) It is their new catalogue, isn’t it?

5) They are already here, aren’t they?

6) They are discussing the details of the contract, don’t we?

7) There is a lot of furniture in our office, isn’t there?

8) He is sure of it, isn’t he?

9) They never agree with us, don’t they?

10) He has got the necessary papers, hasn’t he?

XI . Перепишите текст, вставляя подходящие по смыслу местоимения:

I work for Baker Publication Limited. It is an old family firm. We start our work at nine. Mr. Baker is our Managing Director. He usually comes to the office at 10 o’clock.

His secretary Sheila is young but she already has qualifications and she speaks several foreign languages. Ourcompany specialises in publishing biographies. Many of them have very interesting foreign versions.

Our office is in the center of New York. Its windows are large and it is very light. MycolleaguesandIlikeourworkplace.

XII . Письменно переведите текст и дайте ответы на вопросы:

Mr. Svetlov is the director of TST Systems. The company is very large. They sell chemical equipment to many companies. Many customers come to TST Systems to discuss business matters with the managers of the company. They usually discuss prices, terms of payment, shipment and delivery. Now Mr. Svetlov is speaking on the phone and making an appointment with Italian businessmen. They are interested in the new model of chemical equipment and wish to discuss the terms of the contract.

The Italian businessmen are going to visit Moscow next month and to have talks with TST Systems. Mr. Svetlov sent them a contract form yesterday. He wants to show them the new model of chemical equipment. Together with the Italian businessmen Mr. Svetlov is going to visit the plant outside Moscow.

1) What goods does TST Systems sell?

2) What is Mr.Svetlov?

3) What is he doing now?

4) What companies does TST Systems do business with?

5) What matters do customers discuss with the managers of the company?

6) When are the Italian businessmen going to visit Moscow?

7) What are the Italian businessmen interested in?

8) When did Mr.Svetlov send a contract form?

Господин Светлов является директором ТSТ Systems. Компания очень большая. Они продают химическое оборудование многим фирмам. Многие покупатели приходят в TSTSystems, чтобы обсудить деловые вопросы с управляющими компаниями. Они обычно обсуждают цены, условия оплаты, погрузки и доставки.

Сейчас господин Светлов говорит по телефону и назначает встречу с итальянскими бизнесменами. Они интересуются новой моделью химического оборудования и хотят обсудить условия контракта.

Итальянские бизнесмены собираются посетить Москву в следующем месяце и провести переговоры с TSTSystems. Мистер Светлов отправил проект договора вчера. Он хочет показать им новую модель химического оборудования. Вместе с итальянскими бизнесменами господин Светлов собирается посетить завод за пределами Москвы.

1) They sell chemical equipment to many companies

2) Mr. Svetlov is the director of TST Systems

3) Now Mr. Svetlov is speaking on the phone and making an appointment with Italian businessmen.

4) TST Systems does business with many companies.

5) They usually discuss prices, terms of payment, shipment and delivery.

6) The Italian businessmen are going to visit Moscow next month

7) They are interested in the new model of chemical equipment

8) Mr. Svetlov sent them a contract form yesterday.

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