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Antigone Essay Essay, Research Paper

In Antigone, Sophocles creates Antigone, the tragic hero of the play. Antigone, the main character of the story cannot accept her dead brother Polyneic s not being buried. Going against the orders of Creon, her uncle and the King of Thebes, Antigone buries her brother. She follows her own morals and her heart rather than the laws that people abide by. Antigone s stubbornness not only influences the choices she made throughout the play; her actions also cause the demise of herself and many others in the kingdom of Thebes. Thus, leaving Creon to live a life of misery because of his blind heart.

Unable to back down, Antigone s headstrong attitude influences many of her choices throughout the play. Not only did she defy the law of Creon of not to bury Polyneic s, she also showed nastiness to her sister, Ism ne and her uncle, Creon because they would not help her in burying her brother. She shows her stubborness because she is unwilling to accept the fact that Creon and Ism ne won t help bury her beloved brother. She becomes nasty and malicious because she is unable to forgive them. Antigone s obstinacy also becomes very apparent in the prologue when Ism ne tried to talk the former out of burying Polyneic s because the former would be killed. Of course, as head strong as Antigone is, she wouldn t be talked out of breaking the law that Creon passed. Even though Antigone knows the consequences, she buries her brother. She has done this because Antigone would rather die in honor than live a life of shame. This tragic flaw, Antigone s obstinancy influence many of her choices through life while also blocking many opportunities she has.

Antigones stubborness throughout the play not only influenced her choices in her lifetime, it also causes the downfall of many others in the kingdom of Thebes. The formers stubborness leads to her being alienated from Thebes. She then who hangs herself because she is put into solitary confinement. Her death leads Haimon to kill himself when he finds out the horrible news. Haimon, who loves Antigone and can t bear the thought of living without her, intimates at revenge on his father by killing himself for putting his lover into solitary confinement. The death of Haimon, the only son of Creon and Eurydic causes the latter to commit suicide because she was very emotionally attached to Haimon. These deaths leaving Creon emotionally crippled along with many of the other people of Thebes, were attributed to Antigone s headstrong attitude. Suffering greatly, Creon is left to live a life in death. Antigone s stubborness and Creon s malevolent ruling causes the death of almost the entire dynasty of the family.

With his wife and child dead, Creon has nothing left to live for. The dynasty of Creon’s family will not continue reign over Thebes. Antigone s headstrong attitude not only influences her choices but it also leads to the death of her lover Haimon, her aunt Eurydic, and herself. This also leaves Creon emotionally wounded. Creon s ending words of the book, Lead me away I have been rash and foolish intimates that he will give up his throne as the King of Thebes. Antigone s stubborness causes many consequences because of her attitude.

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