Лекция: People and the Sea

By Bill Morton

There is a number of ways that people 1) inter_ct with the sea. Positive ways include recreation. The sea and beaches 2) pr_vide recreational areas for sunbathing, swimming, sailing and fishing. Additionally, the sea brings food from large fish catches by trawlers. Thirdly, large 3) depo_its of fossil fuels, such as oil and 4) na_ural gas, are found under the sea floor. A fourth 5) ad_antage is the transport opportunity offered by the sea for large ships such as supertankers, which carry heavy cargo over long 6) distan_es. Lastly, the sea can be used to produce electricity generated by the incoming and outgoing tide in some 7) es_uaries.

There are also ways in which the sea is 1) ______ to people. Houses, farmland and roads may be undermined and washed 2) ______ when cliffs are eroded by the 3) ______. Secondly, some beaches and sand spits may be 4) ______ during storms. Another problem is caused by huge waves which may cause 5) ______ in low-lying areas during storms. Fourthly, long shore drift may cause a 6) ______ to fill up with sand and silt and ships are unable to continue to use it as a 7) ______.

There are ways in which people attempt 1) (to prevent, preventing) the damage and destruction caused by the sea. Firstly, reinforced concrete walls are 2) (building, built) along the foot of a cliff to reduce the force of waves. Large boulders 3) (have, may) also be placed there for the same purpose. Secondly, groynes are built along the coast to trap sand, creating beaches where there 4) (were, was) erosion originally. Next, dams or dykes are built to keep out 5) (the, ‑‑) sea in low-lying areas. Lastly, jetties (concrete walls) are built at a 6) (harbor’s, harbor) entrance to prevent silting.

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Індивідуальна робота за семестр:

1. Індивідуальне читання за фахом.

2. Словник-мінімум (за професійним спрямуванням).




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