Лекция: Ex.1. Read the following word combinations. Mind your pronunciation.

Pepper pot, to buy a big bottle of beer, first floor, closed door, a black coffee cup, going to England again, at the same time, tomorrow morning, an apartment in the centre of London, sleeping and dreaming, in the front of the photograph, a lovely view, biscuits and ice-cream, to be chosen for the prize, a path through the thick woods, this thing is theirs, sheets and shirts, Helen’s husband, to read a rhyme, would you like?, a librarian in a public library, away from Washington, few years, chicken chops, a manager at the agency, three teas, English weather, let them, a sad man with a camera, a car-park, a doctor in the hospital, stop talking, naughty audience, a full pool, love it very much, to learn Turkish, another parasol, make a mistake, an awful joke, snow in October, quiet as mice, a town on the mountain, her boyfriend Roy, nearly in tears, upstairs and downstairs, for sure, curious tourists.


4. Чи є порядок слів в англійській мові сталим?

5. Що називається прямим порядком слів в англійському стверджувальному реченні? Наведіть приклади.

6. Який порядок слів називається інверсійним?

7. Які типи речень вимагають інверсійного порядку слів? Проілюструйте свою відповідь прикладами.

Ex. 2. Complete the sentences using given words. Follow the sentence structure.

Наприклад: goes / to school / every morning / Andy.

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