Лекция: Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), in computer science, is a type of high-level computer language that uses self-contained, modular instruction sets for defining and manipulating aspects of a computer program. These discrete, pre-defined instruction sets are called objects and may be used to define variables, data structures, and procedures for executing data operations. In OOP, objects have built-in rules for communicating with one another. They can also be manipulated or combined in various ways to modify existing programs and to create entirely new ones from pieces of other programs. The most popular OOP language is C++. In May, 1995 a new OOP language Java was released. It has drawn worldwide interest. In some ways Java represents a simplified version of C++, but it adds other features and capabilities as well, and is particularly well suited for writing interactive applications to be used on the World Wide Web.

Ex. 6.Look at the table and answer the questions:

1. Who invented Java? 2. When was Java developed? 3. Can Java run on any computer (Mac, PC or UNIX workstation)? 4. What are Java’s small programs called? What can you do with them?

Language Date Characteristics Uses
Java invented by Sun Microsystems Cross-platform language that can run on any machine. Small Java programs, called “applets”, let you watch animated characters, play music and interact with information Designed to create Internet applications. When you see a Web page containing Java links, a Java program is executed automatically.

Ex. 7.Listen to the dialogue. Complete the Table with the relevant information.

Developed by Date Characteristics Uses Extensions
Dennis Ritchie at …   Created to replace … The language is small, … Originally designed for … Today it is used to … C++ and … Object-oriented language

Ex. 8.Answer the questions.

1. Are programming languages artificial or natural? 2. What type of programming languages do you know? 3. What programming languages are preferable to programmers? 4. What programming languages can you name?5. Which of them do you like best? 6. What programming languages have you already worked with? 7. What are the differences between them?


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