Exercise 1.Translate the sentences

A: 1. It was not difficult for the pupils to understand the function of the mouse in computer operation. 2. There is no reason for computer experts to use computers of the first generation nowadays. 3. The mechanism is provided with special devices for the whole system to function automatically. 4. The text was very interesting but rather difficult for the students to translate it without a dictionary. 5. It is not easy for me to learn to speak English fluently.

B: 1. We know the machine to react to a series of electrical impulses that can be represented in binary numbers. 2. Scientists considered silicon to be one of the best materials for the creation of an IС. 3. We know all data to be translated into binary code before being stored in main storage. 4. Engineers expect these new devices to be tested very soon. 5. They want their son to become a computer operator and to design new computer models.

C:1. Printers are known to vary greatly in performance and design. 2. They are expected to be the most commonly used devices. 3. Magnetic fields are supposed to effect a high iron content of the ink. 4. The ink-jet printer is stated to be one of the newest types of character printers. 5. Electrophotographic techniques proved to have developed from the paper copier technology. 6. An impact printer is considered to produce a printed character by impacting a character font against the paper. 7. Dot-matrix printers seem to have a lower quality of type. 8. The most common printer type used on larger systems is sure to be the line printer. 9. A lot of techniques are believed to be used in the design of printers. 10. A laser is certain to be an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

Exercise 2.Translate the following sentences with the infinitive and infinitive constructions.

1. The principal thing to be understood is that the computer has become the most powerful tool in many spheres of life. 2. The computer is regarded to save many years of monotonous work performed by hand. 3. Some people believe computers to be able to solve problems yet unsolved by man. 4. Computers are able to control power stations and docks. 5. Nowadays computers are considered to be complicated machines for performing a great number of tasks. 6. Computers are known to be used in astronomy and upper atmospheric research. 7. You know computers to help in different spheres of today's life. 8. This machine is known to use unique language for solving problems. 9. Two entirely different things can be shown to have a likeness by mathematical equations.

Exercise 3.Translate the sentences using the words and word combinations of two previous lessons.

1. Основная функция этого устройства состоит в том, чтобы измерять поток данных. 2. Считается, что среда устройства ввода-вывода связанна с человеком или независима от него. 3. Преобразование в двоичный код – обязательная операция в данном случае. 4. Важно точно и быстро настроить устройство ввода-вывода по отношению к внешней среде. 5. Для печати этих 3-х страниц ему пришлось включить цветной принтер. 6. Файл, который должен быть прочитан и копирован, находиться в этой папке. 7. Требовалось, удерживать кнопки в нажатом состоянии. 8. Предполагается, что эти устройства смогут читать рукописный текст. 9. Известно, что все принтеры отличаются по рабочим характеристикам и внешнему виду. 10. Несомненно, мышью было легче управлять движением курсора. 11. Они предполагали, что струйные принтеры скоро будут заменены современными устройствами. 12. Тестирование показало, что точечно-матричные принтеры быстрее, чем принтеры с типографическим качеством печати.

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