Лекция: I. Письменный перевод незнакомого текста со словарем.

II. Беседа с преподавателем (ответы на вопросы) по одной из подготовленных тем:

1. «Моя будущая профессия»

2. «Компьютер»

3. «Электрический ток»

4. «Интернет»

5. «Авиационное приборостроение»

6. «Техника современности»

7. «Развитие электроники»


Дополнительные вопросы для зачета:

1. Where do you study?

2. What faculty do you study?

3. What can you say about your future speciality?

4. Who is your best friend?

5. Where does your father (mother, sister, brother) work (study)?

6. When does your working day begin?

7. What do you usually do in the morning?

8. What do you have for breakfast (dinner, supper)?

9. How do you get to the University?

10. Till what time are you busy at the University?

11. How do you spend your leisure time?

12. How often do you go to the cinema?

13. What music (books, films) do you like?

14. Do you watch any programs on T. V?

15. What subjects do you study at the University?

16. What is your favorite subject?

17. When and where were you born?

18. Where do you live?

19. Why did you decide to enter the University?

20. When will you be able to speak English fluently?

21. Who is your favorite writer (poet, actor, sportsman)?

22. What books of this writer do you like best?

23. What famous American, British and writers do you know?

24. Is your family large or small?

25. How old are your parents?

26. Have you many relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins)?

27. How many seasons are there in the year and what are they?

28. When does it often rain?

29. When do trees begin to burst into leaf?

30. What holiday does our Republic celebrate in winter?

31. How do you spend your time in summer?

32. Do you listen to the latest news every day?

33. What for do you study English?

34. What is your native city?

35.What is the capital of your Republic?

36. How many theatres are there in UFA? What are they?

37. What places of interest in UFA do you know?

38. What territory does the Republic of Bashkortostan occupy?

39. What is the climate of our Republic?

40. What can you say about the Constitution of our Republic?

41. Who is the President of our Republic now?

42. How is the Supreme Council of Bashkortostan called?

43. What is the official name of Great Britain?

44. What parts does Great Britain consist of?

45. What is the capital of Great Britain ?

46. What sea separates Great Britain from the European continent?

47. What climate has Great Britain ?

48. What are the most important parts of London? Speak about each part.

49. Who is the Queen of Great Britain ?

50. How is the residence of the Queen called?

51. What places of interest in London do you know?

52. Why do the Englishmen say about monarch's power: «They reign, but don't rule. »

53. What do the Londoners say about their city?

54. Where is the official residence of the Prime Minister of England situated?

55. What is Westminster Abbey?

56. What do you know about the parks of London?

57. What picture gallery is the largest in London?

58. What are the most famous Universities in Great Britain?

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