Лекция: A Fine View

V e r a: Has your family lived here for very long?

Victor: Five and a half years. We arrived on the first of February.

V e r a: What a fine view you have! Victor: Yes. I love living here.

V e r a: Look! You can see the village down in the valley. Victor: Yes. It's a lovely view.

3. A Fine, Flashy Fox Fur

Felicity: That's a fine, flashy fox fur you've flung on the sofa, Daphne.

Daphne: Yes, I found it on Friday afternoon in Iffley Forest.

Felicity: But, Daphne! That's Fiona's fox fur — her fiftieth birthday gift from Freddie. You are awful! Fiona will be furious.

Daphne: Well, if Fiona left her fur in the forest...

Felicity: Fiona leaves her fabulous fox fur in the forest? Stuff and nonsense! You're a thief! Take it off!

Daphne: Felicity! What a fuss over a faded bit of fluff! Anyway, fancy Fiona in a fur! She's far too fat!

Exercise VII.Read the rhymes and learn them.

1. Taffy was a Welshman,

Taffy was a thief,

Taffy came to my house

And stole a piece of beef.

2. Cock-adoodle-doo!

My dame will dance with you.

While master fiddles his fiddling-stick

For dame and doodle-doo!

3. Once upon a time, in a little wee house,

Lived a funny old man and his wife,

And he said something funny to make her laugh

Every day of his life.

One day he said a very funny thing,

That she shook and screamed with laughter,

But the poor old soul, she couldn't leave off

For at least three whole days after.

4. Why does a fire eat big sticks of wood?

I shouldn't like to have that for my food

But the flames all lick their lips —

It must taste good.

5. A wilful young fisher named Gabriel Fisher,

Once fished for some fish in a fissure,

Till a fish with a grin

Pulled the fisherman in

Now they are fishing the fissure for Fisher.

6. A flea and a fly in a flue

Were caught so what could they do?

Said the fly, «Let us flee!»

«Let us fly», said the flea,

And they flew through a flaw in the flue.

Exercise VIII.Transcribe the proverbs and learn them.

1. Faint heart never won fair lady.

2. Fine feathers make fine birds.

3. Feast today and fast tomorrow.

4. Fools seldom differ.

5. Far from eye, far from heart.

6. Fair without, foul (false) within.

7. An iron hand in a velvet glove.

8. The fat is in the fire.

UNIT 18. [v] — [w]

Exercise I. Read the following words paying special attention to correct pronunciation.

1. [v]     2. [w]   3. [v]- [w]
velvet leave never weave twenty via — wire
Victor approve ever wave twice vile — while
vivid wave travel wheal twist vine — wine
violet five university white sweet vein — wane
vodka drive over wear twins veil — wail
verse give envious worn queen Veal — wheel
vote have advice word quite vend — wend
vest of even world Gwendolen

4. Silent w

wrong, whole, who, whose, wrist, wrap.

Exercise II.Read the following sense-groups, mind the rhythm and intonation.

(a) improve; I'll improve; eventually I'll improve, over again eventually I'll improve; over and over again eventually I'll imrove; if I say it over and over again eventually I'll improve.

(b) wardrobe; woodwork of his wardrobe; worm in the woodwork of his wardrobe; woodworm in the woodwork of his wardrobe; worried about woodworm in the woodwork of his wardrobe; William is worried about woodworm in the woodwork of his wardrobe.

Exercise III.Transcribe and intone the following sentences. Practise reading them in pairs.

[v] (a) 1. I've given Steve the best advice.

2. They've never approved of Val.

3. Victor is in the Navy.

4. Vera is my only surviving relative.

[w] (b) 1. The sweater will wear well.

2. I wonder what's worrying Willy?

3. Winnie is as weak as water.

4. Why wouldnFt Walter wash with water that wasn't warm?

5. William was watching a TV film about the Wild West and a wicked woman.

[w] — [v] (c) 1. Why is the worse verse worse than the first verse?

2. William always wears a very warm woolen vest in winter.

3. Victor, however, will never wear woolen underwear, even in the Wild West.

4. We'll wed on Wednesday if you buy me that white vase.

Exercise IV.Read the tongue-twisters and learn them.

1. Walter works at a waxworks and wax won't wash off without warm water.

2. Which is this switch? Which switch is which?

3. Why do you cry, Willy, 4. Oh that I were

Why do you cry? Where I would be,

Why, Willy? Why, Willy? Then would I be

Why, Willy? Why? Where I am not,

Whenever we meet But where I am

There's a tear in your eye There I must be,

Why, Willy? Why, Willy? And where I would be

Why, Willy? Why? I cannot.

Exercise V.Read the dialogues, mark the stresses and tunes. Learn them. Act out the dialogues.

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