Лекция: Составьте предложения по смыслу.

1. I finished the work without A any rain.

2. I was tired, so I went to bed without B some rain.

3. I’m going to do C any work in the garden.

4. In August we had D some work in the house.

5. In July we hardly had E any supper.

6. She never does F some supper.

7. You’re hungry. I’ll make you G any help.

6. Употребите someили anyс данными словами.

buy, good, got, more, put, tomorrow, want, you.

Example: “How many children has he got?” – “He hasn’t … got any ….

1. This is wonderful soup.” – “Have ….”

2. “How much did the flowers cost?” – “I didn’t ….”

3. “We need light bulbs.” – “I’ll get ….”

4. “Where’s the sugar?” – There’s … in front of ….”

5. “Shall we go to the cinema?” – “There aren’t … films”

6. “Why didn’t you buy any cheese?”- “Because I didn’t ….”

7. “The car needs oil.” – “But I’ve just … in.”

7. Употребите anyили no.

1. He doesn’t read … English magazines.

2. She writes … letters to her friends.

3. This student doesn’t ask … questions at the lesson.

4. We must not take … books from this shelf.

5. He makes … mistakes in his English.

6. He doesn’t make … mistakes in English.

8. Закончите предложения, используя anyи одно из данных слов.

bus, day, question, problems, bank, boy, colour, doctor, supermarket

Example:Any doctor … will tell you to stop smoking.

1. He gets angry with … who talks to his girlfriend.

2. “Would you like red, blue, …? “It doesn’t matter. … is OK.”

3. You can get this kind of rice in ….

4. I think she knows everything. She can answer …. It doesn’t matter how difficult it is.

5. If you have … come and ask me for help.

6. “When shall we meet?” – “I don’t mind. … this week.”

7. “Where can I change money?” – “In ….”

8. “Which bus should I get to the station?” – “… — they all go there.”

9. Вставьте some, any или no.

1. I’m going to the baker’s. I need … bread.

2. I haven’t … pets.

3. There’s … butter in the fridge, but there isn’t … milk.

4. He’s got … money, so he can’t buy a hamburger.

5. I’m hungry. Can I have … sandwiches, please?

6. I haven’t got … homework to do tonight.

7. I’m looking for … paper, but I can’t find ….

8. We can’t make a cake because we’ve got … sugar.

9. Are there … letters for me today?

10. Have you got … brothers or sisters?

11. Don’t buy … rice. We don’t need ….

12. There are … beautiful flowers in the garden.

13. “Would you like … tea?” – “Yes, please.”

14. I’m thirsty. Can I have … water, please?

15. There are … people in the street. It is cold.

16. Have you got … time to spare? I’d like to ask you … questions.

10. Закончите диалог, используя someили any. Воспроизведите его в парах.

Peter: Hello Julia, are you ready for the party?

Julia: I’ve got 1) … lemonade, 2) … orange juice and lots of food.

Peter: Have you got 3) … cakes?

Julia: No, I must buy 4) …. I must also buy 5) … biscuits.

Peter: Have you got 6) … party hats or decorations?

Julia: No, I haven’t, but I’m going to buy 7) … of those, too.

11. Употребите somebody (someone), something, anybody (anyone) или anything.

1. I want to buy … for my sister.

2. There isn’t … in the box. It’s empty.

3. I didn’t eat. because I wasn’t hungry.

4. … is calling me. I don’t know who it is.

5. “What’s wrong?” – “There’s … in my eye.”

6. Would you like … to drink?

7. It’s dark here. I can’t see ….

8. … has broken the window. I don’t know who.

9. Does he know … about computers?

10. I’m looking for my keys. Has … seen them?

11. I can’t do this job alone. I need … to help me.

12. Is there … interesting in the programme of the concert?

12. Дайте ответ, используя nobody (no one), nothing или nowhere.

1. “Who told you that?” ….

2. “What do you want?” ….

3. “Where are you going?” ….

4. “Who phoned you?” ….

5. “What happened?” ….

6. “Where have you been?” ….

7. “Who knows the answer?” ….

13. Перепишите предложения, употребляя anybody, anyone, anything.

1. We’ve got nothing to eat. ….

2. There is nothing in the box.

3. There is nobody in the reading-hall.

4. She’s got nothing to read.

5. There is nothing interesting in this article.

6. I’ve got nobody to speak.

7. He’s got nobody to help him.

14. Употребите any, anyone / anybody, anything или anywhere.

1. A: What time do you want dinner?

B: Oh, … time you like.

2. A: What shall I wear for the party?

B: Wear … you like. It’s up to you.

3. A: When can we meet for lunch?

B: Oh, … day next week. I haven’t made any plans.

4. A: Where can I find this magazine?

B: At … shop in the town centre.

5. A: Where shall we go for our holidays?

B: …, as long as it’s hot!

6. A: Who can drive the company car?

B: … who has driver’s licence.

15. Вставьте somewhere, anywhere или nowhere.

1. We aren’t going … this summer.

2. “Where is the pen?” “It’s … in the drawer.”

3. I don’t like this café. I want to go … else.

4. You can’t go … tonight. You must study.

5. I put my umbrella …, but I can’t remember where.

6. I can’t find Tom. He is …!

7. Let’s go …. The weather is fine.

16. Употребите everybody (everyone), everything, everywhere.

1. Let’s have dinner. … is hungry.

2. He never uses his car. He goes …by bicycle.

3. You’re right. … you say is true.

4. It’s a nice hotel. It’s comfortable and … is clean.

5. I’ve had a terrible day. … went wrong.

6. Their house is full of books. There are books ….

7. Life is tough! … has problems.

8. My friend knows … about computers.

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