Лекция: Прочтите и переведите на русский язык.

1. There are a lot of flowers in our garden.

2. There is little salt in the soup.

3. Is there much ink in your pen?

4. Read this magazine. There is a lot of useful information in it.

5. There are not many mistakes in his test.

6. Was there much traffic on the road yesterday?

7. I don’t eat much meat but I eat a lot of fish.

8. Foreign languages are difficult and few people learn them perfectly.

9. Is there much information on this disk?

10. I’m going to Scotland with a few friends next week.

11. I’d like to ask you a few questions.

12. There was little food in the house, so we went to a restaurant.

13. How much information can this disk store?

14. How many languages does your friend speak?

15. How many exams will you take this term?

2. Переведите на английский язык.

Много тетрадей, много молока, много воды, много дней, много газет, много мела, много снега, много лет, много картин, много музыки, много света, много машин, много воздуха, много городов, много ошибок, много работы, много хлеба, много яблок, много чая, много времени, много мостов.

3. Вставьте many, much, a lot of.

1. There is … milk in the carton.

2. Are there … people at the cinema today?

3. He has got … money.

4. There isn’t … sugar in this coffee.

5. Is there … orange juice in the jug?

6. She has got … books in her bag.

7. Have you got … friends?

8. There aren’t … biscuits in the packet.

9. We haven’t got … bread.

10. There are … animals in the zoo.

11. Are there … shops in the street?

12. There isn’t … pepper in the soup.

13. The children have got … toys.

14. Is there … tea in the cup?

15. My mother says I eat too … french fries and drink too … beer.

16. There is not too … space in my flat.

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