Лекция: Table 1.4.

Лица или животные Организации Географические объекты Время
the manager’s office the horse’s tail a policeman’s report Mary’s room Но: the door of the room; the beginning of the storm the government’s decision; the faculty’s rule или: the decision of the government; the rule of the faculty the world’s pollution Britain’s system of government the city’s new theatre yesterday’s newspaper; a week’s holiday; a year’s plan


Образование притяжательного падежа

1) my father’s car (после существительного в единственном числе);

2) my parents’ car (после существительного во множественном числе);

3) the men’s car (после существительных, не заканчивающихся на –s);

4) Sue and Frank’s daughter.

Для неодушевленных предметов обычно используется предлог “of”, например “the door of the room”, “the beginning of the story”.



I. Образуйте форму притяжательного падежа существительных.

The hat of the man, the room of the judge, the evidence of John, the speech of the prosecutor, the voices of the students, the friend of my brothers.


II. Образуйте форму притяжательного падежа и составьте предложения с каждым словосочетанием.

The dog belonging to Henry, the words used by the attorney, the wings that the birds have, the name of the poet, the book that William has.


III. Объедините слова в словосочетания с помощью апострофа (`s), или предлога “of”.

The camera / Tom, the top / the page; the new manager / the company; the result / the football match; the economic policy / the government; the decision / the judge; the speech / the prosecutor; the veto / the President.


IV. Закончите предложения, используя нужную форму притяжательного падежа.

1. She found somebody … credit card in the street.

2. The Eiffel Tower is Paris … most famous landmark.

3. I read about a murder in this morning … newspaper.

4. Can you borrow your parents … car at the weekend?

5. The judge … office has just been painted.


V. Закончите предложения, используя “`s” или “of”.

Model. Have you seen Steven Spielberg’s new film? (the new film / Steven Spielberg).

Have you repaired the wheel of the bicycle? (the wheel / the bicycle)


1. We had to leave the cinema early so we didn’t see … (the end / the film).

2. We met Sue and Frank at … (the party / Sarah).

3. There is a prison at … (the end / this road).

4. The police want to interview … (the manager / the Black Cat Club).

5. The … was used as the main form of judiciary. (people / court).


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