Лекция: Kazan National Research Technological University (KNRTU)

The Kazan industrial college was opened in 1897. It was transformed into the Kazan Polytechnic Institute in 1919. Then, on May 13, 1930 on the basis of the chemical faculties of the Polytechnic Institute and Kazan State University the Kazan chemical Institute was founded.

Kazan National Research Technological Universityis an innovational scientific educational complex. The University runs over 100 Specialist, Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree and Ph.D. programs; enrolls over 27 thousand undergraduate and graduate students.

The partner institutions of Kazan National Research Technological Universityare 24 universities, research centers and international educational organizations in 13 countries. The University is one of the 6 Russian Universities, members of Eurasia Pacific University Network (UNINET).

The University comprises 13 academic and research institutes. Institutes consist of faculties, which, in their turn, include academic departments.

The academic Institutes are as follows:

Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology

Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies

Institute of Mechanical Engineering for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Institute of Polymers

Institute of Light Industry, Fashion and Design

Institute of Automated Control Systems and Information Technologies

Institute of Administration, Economics and Social Technologies

Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology

Institute of Military Education

Institute of Additional Professional Education

Institute of Lifelong Education

Corporate University

At the University there are day-time, night and extramural faculties headed by deans.

The academic year is divided into two terms. At the end of each term the students pass the tests and examinations.

Every student should remember that being a student is a full-time job and like any other job requires time, effort, concentration.


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