New legislation in Britain usually starts in the House of Lords. In each house а bill is considered in three stages. These stages are called readings. The first reading is formal. It only introduces the bill. The second reading is used for debate. After the second reading the bill is examined in detail by а committee.

The bill is then returned to one of the houses for the report stage, when it can be amended. If passed after the third reading, it goes to the other house. Amendments made to а bill by the House of Lords must be consideredby the House of Commons. If the House of Commons does not agree, the bill is altered and sent bask to the House of Lords. In the event of persistent disagreement between the two houses, the House of Commons prevails.

Finally, the bill goes to the reigning monarch for the royal assent. Nowadays the royal assent is merely а formality.

Слова и выражения:

legislation (n,U) — законодательство

consider (v) – рассматривать

stage (n,C) – этап

debate (n,C) – обсуждать, спорить, вести дебаты

readings (n,C) – чтения

amend (v) – исправлять, вносить поправки

amendment (n, С/U) – поправка (к законопроекту)

agree the bill – одобрить законопроект, билль

alter (v)изменять

event (n,C) – событие, случай

persistent (adj.) – постоянный, настойчивый

disagreement (n, C/U) – несогласие, разногласие

prevail (v)превалировать, преобладать

reigning monarch – царствующий монарх

bill(n,C) законопроект, биль

assent (n, U) – одобрение, санкционирование

royal assent – высочайшее (королевское) одобрение

merely (adv)просто, только


II. Ответьте на следующие вопросы.


1. In what House does a new legislation usually start?

2. In what number stages is a bill considered?

3. How are the stages called?

4. Which stage is formal?

5. What can you say about the second reading?

6. In which case can a bill go to the other House?

7. What happens to a bill in the House of Lords?

8. Where does a bill go finally?


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