Обратите внимание на различные значения ing -формы:

В следующих предложениях reading причастие:

My brother is reading a book.

In the library you can see many people reading

books. Reading his newspaper, the old man fell


В следующих предложениях reading герундий:

Reading a good book gives me a lot of pleasure. It is no use reading these notes I like reading a good book. I am thinking of reading a new A.Christie book. I remember reading a very clever article on

market economy.

Сравните эти два предложения:

My brother is reading the latest story by R. Bradbury, причастие

My dream is reading the latest story by R. Bradbury, герундий

Упр. 397. Расположите по порядку:

a) предложения, в которых ing форма является причастием;

b) предложения, в которых ing форма является герундием.

I. a) When we entered the classroom, we saw many students writing at the desks. b) Do you mind my writing with your pen? c) He was writing a letter when I entered the room. a) We all listened with great interest to the speaker criticizing the new book. b) Criticizing the work of our sports club, he said that it was not satisfactory. c) We were criticizing the work of our sanitary committee at that moment. d) I have no objection to your criticizing me. 3. In this picture you can see a young man giving flowers to a girl. 4. Running water is always better than standing water. 5. John likes studying history. 6. Lydia could retell the English story she had read without looking into the book. 7. Everybody ran meet the people returning from the city. 8. Never jump off a moving train. 9. Reading books out-of-doors is his favourite way of spending the summer holidays, but he likes swimming and going on excursions as well. 10. You can learn what the new words mean by looking them up in the dictionary. II. Before going to meet his friend he went home to change his clothes. 12. The remaining cakes were given to the children. 13. The cakes, remaining from the evening, were given to the children. 14. They went out to meet the returning women. 15. Return­ing home after a good holiday is always pleasant. 16. Returning home after a good holiday he looked the picture of health. 17. They went home quickly, protecting themselves from the rain by walking under the trees. 18. In this factory much attention is paid to protecting the health of the workers. 19. He stopped writing and looked around. 20. Play­ing volley-ball is a good amusement for young peo­ple. 21. She left the room without saying a word. 22. We had the pleasure of seeing the performance

Упр. 398. Расположите по порядку:

a) предложения, в которых ing форма является причастием;

b) предложения, в которых ing-форма является герундием.

1. The boys continued playing football. 2. He was looking at the plane flying overhead. 3. Watch ing the playing kittens was great fun for the chil dren. 4. Being frightened by the dog, the cat climbed a high fence. 5. It is no use going there now. 6. Coming out of the wood, the travellers saw a ruined castle in the distance. 7. My greatest pleasure is travelling. 8. Growing tomatoes need a lot of sunshine. 9. Growing corn on his desert is­land, Robinson Crusoe hoped to eat bread one day. 10. Growing roses takes a lot of care and atten­tion. 11. Just imagine his coming first in the race! 12. The children were tired of running. 13. Wish­ing to learn to skate, she bought herself a pair of skates. 14. Having prepared all the necessary equip­ment, they began the experiment. 15. Mary will stop for a few days at the seaside before going back home. 16. While translating the text I looked up many words in the dictionary. 17. I usualy help mother by washing the dishes and doing the rooms. 18. Entering the room, I saw my friends smiling at me. 19. Instead of phoning his friend, he went to see him.

Сравните герундий и отглагольное существительное

Reading a good book gives me a lot of pleasure.

The reading of a good book

gives me a lot of pleasure.

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