Специальные вопросы обычно произносятся нисходящим тоном. Например:

Категоричные, серьезные, формальные вопросы имеют низкий нисходящий тон, заинтересованные, живые вопросы имеют высокий нисходящий тон. Например:

Exercise I. Read the following questions. Observe the intonation of special questions.

1. When d'you get up? 2. Why did you do such a stupid thing? 3. How long do you intend being away? 4. When can you do it? 5. Where does he come from? 6. Which subject do you prefer? 7. What's your name? 8. How many cousins have you got? 9. Whose pen is this? 10. What are you studying this year? 11. What's your job? 12. What are you? 13. Where did you go to school? 14. When will it be finished? 15. What's the time, please? 16. How did you spend the morning? 17. How can I keep the children busy? 18. How many of his books have you read? 19. What's the next move?

Exercise II. Listen carefully to the following conversational situations. Concentrate your attention on the intonation of the replies.

Exercise III.Listen to the dialogue. Mark the stresses and tunes. Practise and memorize it.

— What's your name?

— My name's Betty.

— Where d'you come from?

— I'm from Aberdeen.

— Which school d'you go to?

— I go to a local comprehensive school.

— When d'you start school?

— At the age ot five.

— What kind of school can you go after primary school?

— We can go to a comprehensive school, a secondary modern school, a grammar school or a private school.

— What kind of school is the most popular one?

— I think a comprehensive school.

Exercise IV. Ask your fellow-student the following special questions:

1. Where d'you study? 2. What faculty do you study at? 3 How long does it take you to get to the University? 4 Which transport d'you prefer to use? 5. Where d'you catch a bus? 6. When d'you come to the University? 7. Who is always late for the classes? Why?

8. What's the date today? 9. What's the day today? 10. What's the time, please?

Exercise V. Listen to the jokes. Mark the stresses and tunes. Dramatize them.

When Did Socrates live?

The teacher asked: «When did Socrates live?» After a silence had become painful, she ordered: «Open your history book. What does it say there?»

Pupil: «Socrates, 469 B.C.»

Teacher: «Why didn't you know when Socrates lived?»

Pupil: «Well, I thought 469 B.C. was his telephone number.»

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