In the United States tipping is practiced by travelers. Apart from restaurants, there are few services for which the average American is expected to give a tip. Tourists, however, who are helpless without services of all kinds to provide their food, transportation, information and entertainment, are expected to pay extra, and tip, too, for their helplessness and ignorance, and of course, they should and do.

The US standards for tipping are as follows. Leave 10 per cent of the bill as the tip for ordinary restaurant service, 15 per cent for good service. Tips provide the real income of most waiters and waitresses in the US. They generally receive only token salaries. Anyone who carries your luggage- bellboys, railway redcaps, airport porters- expects a total tip of around a dollar and up, depending. Tour guides and tour-bus drivers usually expect to be tipped at the conclusion of the show, but this is not mandatory.

You do not need to tip airline stewardesses, gas-station attendants, store clerks, grocery-bag boys, motel employees, employees at the counters of cafeteria-style and fast-food chain restaurants (such as McDonald’s or Pizza Hut), theater ushers, bus drivers, or, in fact, most service employees. However, a tip can always be offered to anyone who renders you a special service, and it may not be accepted.



Слова и выражения:


give a tip – давать чаевые

apart from (adv) – в отличие от

average (adj) – среднестатистический

expect (v) – ожидать

helpless (adj) – беспомощный

entertainment (n,U) – развлечение

ignorance (n,U) – невежество

leave (v) – оставлять

bill (n,C) – счет

income (n,C) – доход

receive (v) – получать

salary (n,C) – оклад, зарплата

carry (v) – носить

conclusion (n,U) – завершение

mandatory (adj) – обязательный

employee (n,C) – наемный работник

counter (n,C) – прилавок

usher (n,C) – швейцар

offer (v) – предлагать

render (v) – предоставлять

accept (v) – принимать


II. Ответьте на следующие вопросы.


1. What is tipping?

2. Who gives a tip?

3. Why do tourists helpless without services of all kinds?

4. What are the US standards for tipping?

5. What do tips provide?

6. Who expects a total tip of around a dollar?

7. Is tipping mandatory?

8. Who don’t you need to tip?

9. Can a tip always be offered to anyone who renders you a special service?

10. Do you give a tip?


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