(уроки 1-10)

а) глаголы:

act find produce

affect form provide

apply give read

begin go require

break grow rise

build help see

call improve send

can increase serve

carry out know set up

combine last should

come limit start

connect lose study

cover make supply

create may teach

develop must understand

discover obtain use

drive pay attention to vary

equip possess work out


б) существительные:

amount equipment motion research

application force nature rest

branch growth part science

change importance pressure state

design kind property time

development length power variety

device life quantity weight

engine measurement region


в) прилагательные:

complete high narrow small

considerable impossible near such

different important necessary useful

difficult large new valuable

easy light (the) only various

few little other wide

foreign many own heavy

much simple


г) местоимения:

each its that you

he my these your

her our their we

his same they I

she this it some



д) наречия:

also how now there

around little often where

here much only


е) союзы:

after before for until which


ж) предлоги:

about after before due to

according to along between for






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