Лекция: Прошедшее завершенно-длительное время (Past Perfect Continuous)

Прошедшее завершенно-длительное время обозначает прошедшее действие, длившееся вплоть до другого прошедшего действия.



Past Perfect Continuous Past Simple

Пример. Dave had been driving for an hour when his car broke down. –

Дейв ехал в течение часа до того, как его машина сломалась.


Past Simple


Past Perfect Continuous

Примеры. I had(I’d) been walking for about half an hour when it suddenly started to rain. – Я прогуливался около получаса до того, как начался дождь.

Mr. Woods had been working for 50 years when he finally retired in 1965. – М-р Вудс проработал 50 лет, прежде чем ушел на пенсию в 1965 году.


Образование прошедшего завершенно-длительного времени:

had been + Ving

I / you / he / she / it / we / you / they had been driving.

Had I / you, etc. been driving?

I / you, etc. hadn’t been driving.



I. Употребите глаголы в скобках в прошедшем завершенно-длительном времени. Переведите предложения.

1. I (stand) for nearly a half an hour when I realized I was at the wrong bus-stop.

2. Maria’s sister (study) at university for eight years before she finally passed her exams.

3. – I’m really sorry I was so late last night.

– That’s OK. We (not / wait) long.

4. The strange thing was that we (just / talk) about ghosts when we heard the noise upstairs.

5. – Robert moved from Manchester to London in 1988.

– What (he / do) in Manchester?


II. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в соответствующем времени (Past Continuous or Past Perfect Continuous?). Переведите предложения.

1. He (read) his evening paper as usual when a friend of his called him on the telephone.

2. He (read) before the fire for half an hour when the telephone rang.

3. When we went to see them last night, they (play) chess; they said they (play) since six o’clock.

4. She felt chilly after she (swim) for an hour.

5. They told me that Ben still (swim).

6. The boys (play) football and did not hear their mother calling them.

7. The boys were tired because they (play) football.

8. He (look) at the fire and (think) of something.


Выберите правильную глагольную форму из предложенных (Past Simple / Past Continuous / Past Perfect / Past Perfect Continuous).

1. I (talk) over the phone when they brought me the letter.

A talked B had talked C had been talking D was talking.

2. They (sit) in the room when the taxi arrived.

A sat B had sat C had been sitting D were sitting.

3. He quickly forgot everything he (learn) at school.

A learnt B had learnt C had been learning D was learning.

4. I visited Brazil in April. I (stay) at a nice hotel for a fortnight.

A stayed B had stayed C had been staying D was staying.

5. A man (be) unconscious for a ten minutes when an ambulance arrived.

A was B had been.

6. First the lecturer (distribute) the chart, then he began speaking.

A distributed B had distributed C had been distributing C was distributing.


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