Лекция: Asking for Change

Shops near telephone boxes are always being asked for change, and usually refuse to give it. If you need change urgently, and cannot find anybody to help you, it is a good idea to buy a small item, such as a box of matches, and ask for your change to include the required coins.

A. Excuse me, but could I trouble you for some change?

В. Let me see. Do you want coppers or silver?

A. I want some change for the parking meter.

В. You'd better have silver, then.



– Sorry to trouble you, but have you change for a pound?

– I'll have a look. What do you want it for?

– I have to get a book of stamps.

– In that case you need silver.


– Excuse me. I wonder whether you could change a pound.

– Let's see. Coppers or silver?

– It's for a phone call.

– Will tens do?


– Excuse me. Could you oblige me with some change?

– I'll see what I've got. What's it for?

– I need some cigarettes from this machine.

– I can let you have some tens, if that's any good.

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