Лекция: A) Read the first part of negotiations between Martin, Sales Managerof Pulse, an electric-car company, and Chen, an official from the UrbanTransport Department of a city in China.

M : So (1)____ is to provide electric cars in your town centre. People will rent them to do their shopping, go about their business and so on.Right?

C: Yes, pollution is a big problem here. We're trying all sorts of ideas to reduce it. We're interested in starting with 10 electric cars. If it works, we'll increase the number later on. I see from (2)_____ that a standard two-seater car will cost about $ 2,000. Is that correct?

M: Yes, the price includes transport and insurance costs. If you order 10 vehicles, you'll be paying us about $100,000, minus (3)______we offer a new customer. But if you increased your order, we could offer a much higher discount.

C: OK, how much would that be?

M: Well, for an order of20 or more vehicles, the discount would be 5%.

C: I see. Let me think about it. (4)_______ We'd like to start the program in June if possible.

M:To be honest, that's a bit early for us. We've got a lot of customers waiting for delivery. We could possibly deliver by late August, all being well.

C:Mmm, (5)______, if you can guarantee delivery by then.

M: I 'd have to discuss it with our production department. I'll get back toyou on that.

C: Good. How about the warranty? (6)______.

M: It's for two years — that's what we normally offer.

C: Only two years? You know, if you could offer us a longer warranty, we'd be delighted. How about five years?

M:Mmm, that's much longer than normal. It could be all right, as long as you pay more for the longer period. I don't know. I'll check with my colleagues, (7)_____.

C: OK. What about payment? Do you offer credit terms?

M: I'm afraid not. It's company policy for a new customer. We need payment by bank transfer on receipt of the goods. Oh, and (8)______of the value of the order.

C: A down payment as well, I see… Right. Well, I think we've covered some of the main points. How about some lunch now? After lunch, (9)_____, it's important for us that you give us reliable sales support ...

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