England is almost unique in having two different kinds … lawyers with separate jobs in the legal system. The two kinds of lawyers are solicitors and barristers.

If a person has a legal problem, he will go and see a solicitor. Almost every town will have … least one.

Many problems are dealt exclusively … a solicitor. For instance, the solicitor deals with petty crimes and some matrimonial matters in Magistrates’ Court, the lowest Courts. He prepares the case and the evidence. He actually speaks … Court for you.

Barristers are different … solicitors. Barristers are experts in the interpretation of the Law. They are called in to advice on really difficult points. The barrister is also an expert … advocacy. The barrister do not have offices, they work … chambers, often in London and belong … the institutions called Inns of Court.

Judges decide what should be done … people who commit crimes. … Britain, the majority of judges are unpaid. They are ordinary citizens who are elected. Judges are called also Magistrates. A small proportion … judges are not Magistrates.

Prompts: from, of, with,, in, in, to, at, with, in, of, in

3. Приведите однокоренные слова на русском языке.

a proportion, ordinary, a proportion, an expert, an interpretation, advocacy, an office, an institution, exclusively, matrimonial, unique, separate, a problem, a career, computational, a schools, computer systems, special programs, consultation, limited, an orator, a profession, a document, a client, extreme, a formality, a procedure, ordinary



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