Лекция: Упр. 480. Переведите на русский язык.

1. I was to wait for her at the railway station.

2. We were to go to the cinema that afternoon.

3. They were to start on Monday. 4. He was to telephone the moment she was out of danger.

5. Roses were to be planted round the pond.

6. There was to be a discussion later on. 7. We were to get there before the others. 8. He was to tell her where to find us. 9. She was to graduate that year. 10. She was to wear that dress at the graduation party. 11. He is to come here at five o'clock. 12. The train was to leave at five-fifteen.

1 TO BEможет употребляться как модальный тлагол товд>кс в двух временах: Present Simple и Past Simple.

Упр. 481. Перефразируйте следующие пред­ложения, употребляя модальный глагол to be to.

E.g. 1) The lecture is supposed to begin at eight. The lecture is to begin at eight. 2) I expect her to come and help. She is to come and help. 3) It was planned that we should wait for them at the door. We were to wait for them at the door. 4) It was arranged that he should meet her at the station. He was to meet her at the station. 5) Who will take care of the children? Who is to take care of the children? 1. What am I supposed to do if they come too early? 2 It was arranged that the youngest chil­dren would play on the beach. 3. We expect you to show the place to her. 4. I am expected to leave tomorrow at the latest. 5. Where am I supposed to be taken? 6. This is Dora. It is arranged that she will share the room with you. 7 And who will do the cooking? 8. It is expected that two more apart­ment houses will be built here. 9. It was arranged that the cup final would be played that afternoon. 10. Who will meet you at the station?

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