Лекция: Упр. 334. Передайте следующий диалог в косвенной речи.

MOTHER. Nick! Do you hear the alarm-clock?

Wake up!

NICK. Oh, I am so sleepy!

MOTHER. Well, that's what you always say. Now,

get out of bed quickly. NICK. Oh!

MOTHER. Be quick, or you will be late for school.

NICK. No fear. I have a lot of time.

MOTHER. You forget that you have to brush your

teeth and to wash your hands and face.

NICK. Mummy, I remember everything.

Упр. 335. Передайте следующий диалог в кос­венной речи.

PETER. Are you coming my way?

JOHN. Yes, I am. How are you getting along?

PETER. Jolly well. How did you find the last test in geometry?

JOHN. Rather difficult. I am not very good at

solving problems. PETER. Why didn't you ask me to help you? I'll

gladly do it.

JOHN. Oh, thanks a lot. I shall. Have you got a lot of home-work for tomorrow?

PETER. Yes. You know the time-table, Friday is always a bad day. We have six lessons to­morrow, and all the subjects are difficult. Besides, there will be questions from my little sister. She is not very good at sums.

JOHN. All right, then. I'll come to your place tomorrow evening, if you don't mind.

PETER. Let's make it tomorrow. I'll be waiting for you.

Упр. 336. Передайте следующий диалог в кос­венной речи.

SUSAN. Good morning, doctor.

DOCTOR. Good morning, Susan. What's the mat­ter with you?

SUSAN. I feel bad. I have a headache, and I am afraid I am running a temperature.

DOCTOR. Open your mouth and show me your throat. You have a bad cold, Susan. You must stay in bed for two days until your temperature is normal and you stop coughing.

SUSAN. How I hate being ill and staying in bed!

DOCTOR. But if you are not careful, you may fall ill with the flu or pneumonia. I'll pre­scribe some medicine.

SUSAN. Thank you, doctor. Good-bye. .

Упр. 337. Передайте следующий диалог в кос­венной речи.

JANE. May I come in?

KATE. Is that you, Jane? Come in! It is very

good of you to come and see me. JANE. I came before, but you were too ill to see

anybody. Did you get the flowers? KATE. Surely, I did. It was very nice of you to

send them to me. JANE. How are you now? KATE. Oh, I am much better, thank you. The

doctor says that I shall be allowed to go

out in a few days. JANE. Do you miss school? KATE. Very much. I am afraid I'll be lagging

behind the group in my lessons now. JANE. Don't think about it. We shall help you. KATE. Thank you very much.

ynp. 338. Передайте следующий диалог в кос­венной речи.

MICHAEL. I say, Bill, can you show me around a bit? I only came here two days ago and I haven't been anywhere as yet.

BILL. Of course, I shall do it with pleasure. Let's go at once. And let's invite Al­ice to come with us. She knows a lot about the places of interest here.

MICHAEL. That's a good idea.

BILL. Alice, can you come with us? We are going for a walk, and I want to show Michael some places of interest.

ALICE. No, I can't go with you, boys. I am sorry. Mother told me to buy some bread, and I forgot about it. I shall have to do it now. Go without me. I shall go with you some other time.

BILL. It's a pity. All right, Michael, let's go.

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