Лекция: Упр. 300. Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предложениях.

1. Не said that while crossing the English Chan­nel they had stayed on deck all the time. 2. The woman said she had felt sick while crossing the Channel. 3. She said she was feeling bad that day. 4. Tom said he would go to see the doctor the next day. 5. He told me he was ill. 6. He told me he had fallen ill. 7. They told me that Tom had not come to school the day before. 8. I told my sister that she might catch cold. 9. She told me she had caught cold. 10. The old man told the doctor that he had pain in his right side. 11. He said he had just been examined by a good doctor. 12. He said he would not come to school until Monday. 13. The man said he had spent a month at a health-resort. 14. He said that his health had greatly improved since then.

Упр. 301. Передайте следующие специальные вопросы в косвенной речи.

1. I said to Nick: «Where are you going?» 2. I! said to him: «How long are you going to stay there?» 3. I said to him: «How long will it take you to get .there?» 4. Pete said to his friends: «When are you Cleaving St. Petersburg?» 5. He said to them: «Who will you see before you leave here?» 6. They said to him: «What time does the train start?» 7. Ann said to Mike: «When did you leave London?» 8. She said to Boris: «When Will you be back home?»

9. Boris said to them: «How can I get to the rail­way station?» 10. Mary asked Tom: «What time will you come here tomorrow?» 11, She asked me: «Why didn't you come here yesterday?» 12. She asked me: «What will you do tomorrow if you are not busy at your office?» 13.1 asked Mike: «What will you do after dinner?» 14. I asked my uncle: «How long did you stay in the Crimea?» 15. Ada said to me: «Where did you see such trees?» 16. I said to Becky: «What kind of book has your friend brought you?» 17. Mother said to me: «Who has brought this parcel?» 18. He said to her: «Where do you usually spend your summer holidays?»

Упр. 302. Передайте следующие специальные вопросы в косвенной речи, начиная каждое пред­ложение со слов, данных в скобках.

1. Where is he going? (He didn't tell anybody...) 2. Where has he gone? (Did you know...) 3. Where is he? (Did you know...) 4. When is he leaving school? (I wanted to know...) 5. Where does he live? (Nobody knew...) 6. When will he come back? (She asked them...) 7. Where did she buy this hat? (He wanted to know...) 8. How much'did she pay for it? (I had no idea...) 9. Where did I put the book? (I forgot...) 10. Who has given you this nice kitten? (She wanted to know...) 11. Where can I buy an English-Russian dictionary? (He asked me...) 12. How long will it take your brother to get to Madrid? (He wondered...)

Упр. 303. Передайте следующие общие воп­росы в косвенной речи.

1. I said to Boris: «Does your friend live in Lon­don?» 2. I said to the man: «Are you living in a hotel?» 3. Nick said to his friend: «Will you stay at the 'Hilton'?» 4. He said to me: «Do you often go to see your friends?» 5. He said to me «Will you see your friends before you leave St. Petersburg?» 6. Mike said to Jane: «Will you come to the rail­way station to see me off?» 7. She said to me: «Have you sent them a telegram?» 8. She said to me: «Did you send them a telegram yesterday?» 9. I said to Mike: «Have you packed your suit­case?» 10. I said to Kate: «Did anybody meet you at the station?» 11. I said to her: «Can you give me their address?» 12. I asked Tom: «Have you had breakfast?» 13. I asked my sister: «Will you stay at home or go for a walk after dinner?» 14. I said to my mother: «Did anybody come to see me?» 15. I asked my sister: «Will Nick call for you on the way to school?» 16. She said to the young man: «Can you call a taxi for me?» 17. Mary said to Peter: «Have you shown your photo to Dick?» 18. Oleg said to me: «Will you come here tomor­row?» 19. He said to us: «Did you go to the museum this morning?»

Упр. 304. Передайте следующие общие воп­росы в косвенной речи, начиная каждое предло­жение со слов, данных в скобках.

1. Have you found the book? (She asked me...) 2. Are there any more books here? (The man asked...) 3. Did she go shopping yesterday (I want­ed to know...) 4. Has she bought the dictionary? (He did not ask her.,.) 5. Does she know the name of the man? (I doubted...) 6. Did Boris see the man this morning? (I asked...) 7. Have they sold the picture? (I did not know...) 8. Do they know any­thing about it? (I wondered..,) 9. Has Jack given you his telephone number? (She asked me...) 10. Is he coming back today? (I was not sure...)

Упр. 305. Передайте следующие вопроситель­ные предложения в косвенной речи.

1. The teacher said to Mike: «Does your father work at a factory?» 2. Mother said to us: «What are you doing here?» 3. Father said to Nick: «Have you done your homework?» 4. Tom said: «Ann, where are your friends?» 5. Kate said: «Mike, do you like my dress?» 6. Grandfather said to Mary: «What mark did you get at school?» 7. My sister said to me: «Will you take me to the theatre with you tomorrow?» 8. Mother asked me: «Did you play with your friends yesterday?» 9. «Why don't you play with your friends, Kate?» said her mother. 10. «Do you like chocolates?» said my little sister to me. 11. «Did you see your granny yesterday, Lena?» asked Mr. Brown. 12. The doctor asked Nick: «Do you wash your face and hands every morning?»

Упр. 306. Восстановите прямую речь в следу­ющих предложениях.

1. I asked if they had taken the sick man to hospital. 2. I asked my friend if he had a head­ache. 3. I wanted to know when he had fallen ill. 4. I wondered if he had taken his temperature. 5. I asked him if the doctor had given him some medi­cine. I asked him if he was feeling better now. 6. I asked the man how long he had been in St. Peters­burg. 7. I asked him if he was going to a health-resort. 8. We asked the girl if her father was still in Moscow. 9. I asked the girl what sort of work her father did.

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