Лекция: Read the passage about the rules of e-mail writing


E-mails can have a formal business style or a very informal style, similar to spoken English.

This semi-formal style is similar to a standard business letter, but less formal and usually shorter. The ending is Best wishes rather than Yours sincerely. This style is best used when you are sending an e-mail to somebody who is outside your company, or whom you do not know very well. The focus is on giving or asking for information quickly.

The informal style is most suitable for e-mails within your company and for people whom you know well. The greetingis often Hi, Hello or even How are you? Cheers is a common ending, or sometimes the ending is omitted. Sometimes the writer won't use capital letters. The style is much closer to spoken than to written English.Sometimes people use abbreviations if they want to save time:

CU = see you

thx = thanks

RUOK? = are you OK?

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