Лекция: Match the documents extracts with the correct terms

1) agenda 2) order form 3) minutes 4) mail shot 5) invoice 6) annual report 7) sales report 8) newsletter 9) memo 10) letter 11) contract 12) user's guide



«You can use toolbars for quick access to commonly used commands and tools. When you first start the software, the Standard and Formatting toolbars are displayed just below the menu bar and the Drawing toolbar is displayed vertically on the left side of the window...»



«Dear Ms Jackson,

With reference to your recent call, please note that the goods you wish to order are currently out of stock...»



To: All employees in H section

From: GBH

Subject: restrooms facilities for

H section staff

Date: 28 July


It has recently come to my notice that a number of employees in H section...



Power enterprises UK celebrates its move to Frisbee House

Power Enterprises UK has just celebrated its move to new premises at Frisbee House, a beautiful listed building at the heart of the historic centre of Bristol and just a few minutes' walk from...




4. It was agreed that departmental running costs must be cut by 10%. Arturo will present his proposal at the next meeting.

5. Martha's presentation ceremony will be on 9 November. Everyone will attend.

6. The next departmental meeting will be on..."



"… All prices are inclusive of VAT, postage and packing. If you wish to pay by Vista or American Express card, please complete the form at the bottom of the page. If you are not entirely satisfied with your goods, we shall be happy to..."



"… This has been quite a good year for Flinco. Although the general economic situation was very difficult, sales increased by 7.3% and net income by 12.7% At the same time, we reduced our workforce by almost 15% and continued to increase the range of products..."



1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising.

2. The Zakko launch.

3. Problems in H section...



"… Figures for the Western region are generally good although the seasonal fall in sales of the XJ31 is stronger than usual and a major effort will be needed to bring sales up to target by the end of the quarter.

both Central and Northern have done well across the whole range despite..."



115 units of XJ45 at $23.50 per unit $2,702.50
Less 15% discount $405.37
Plus VAT at 17.5% $402.00
Plus postage and packing $360.05
Total $3,059.18
Payment within 30 days of issue



«Dear MsBazalgette,

Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own holiday home in an exotic location? I am writing to tell you that thanks to Zangief Timeshare Inc., these dreams could become a reality!...»



6.1. The SUPPLIER is entitled to modify the material ordered before delivery, provided such modifications do not affect the prices, delivery dates, quality performances or mechanical characteristics.

6.2. In all other cases, the PURCHASER's prior written permission is required to perform changes to the material...


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