Лекция: Making a phone call

Igo out into the terminal. I expected to find Richard there, but I see only strangers. What's wrong? What should I do? Should I wait for him? Will he come if I wait? When will he come? Should I take a taxi and go to his office? But then he won't be able to find me here if he comes. Should I phone him? Yes, that's a good idea. I'll phone his office.

I go to the information desk and ask where I can find a phone booth. I carefully read the directions on the phone. Under the telephone I find a very thick phone book. I see that all phone numbers have seven digits just like in Petersburg. But there's a problem — Richard's company is not listed there! I call Directory Assistance and they give me the number. A local call costs a quarter in New York. Another problem! I've got some dollar bills but no small change. Do I have to go to the bank? Luckily a kind old lady gives me some change for a dollar. I now have two quarters and some dimes and nickels. I dial Rich's office but there's nobody there! An answering machine asks me to leave a message. I say I'm stranded at JFK and hang up.


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