Лекция: Investigation

Investigation of customs violations is performed to targetviolators of customs laws and regulations. The full range of customs violations can be investigated: the smuggling of merchandise, narcotics arms and ammunition, and other contraband; commercial fraud; currency violations and money laundering; internal corruption; infringement of intellectual property rights (IPR) etc.

11.Laboratory procedures.Laboratory analyses are to be performed in order to classify merchandise and collect the correct amount of duty. The Harmonised System of classification is much more dependent on laboratory analysis than most prior classification systems.

12. Training.

Practical and well-structured training is one of the keystones to building a more effective customs organization. Customs Service carries out training, retraining and improvement of the skills of specialists in the field of Customs practice for public bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations

13.Customs brokers.

Brokers must pass an examination and obtain a licence from the Customs central administration to do business. Brokers are to consult Customs to determine the proper rate of duty or basis for appraisement.


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