Лекция: How to master the art of selling

(adapted from www.marketingminefield.co.uk)

1. Selling is an area of business that many people dislike, whether it's telemarketing or face-to-face selling. It takes quite a bit of skill to become an effective salesperson,but through developing a particular mindset and following some important advice, you can begin to master it.

2. One of the most important attributes to have when selling is confidence — you must sound and appear confident. Remember that many of the most confident people aren't inwardly confident, yet they can show confidence on theoutside.

3. There's nothing worse than a salesperson who doesn't fully understand what they are selling. Make sure that you know your product, business and industry inside out.

4. Research suggests that you have less than 30 seconds to interact with someone before they form an opinion of you. For face-to-face selling, having a professional appearanceis vital. For selling over the phone, the first 15 seconds are vital, so make sure you know what you intend to say. Getting words mixed up or sounding hesitant will result ina bad first impression.

5. Rejection will happen, but don't take it personally. Too many people focus on this rejection and often end up making contact with fewer prospects than they otherwise would.You will receive setbacks, but the more people you call, the more leads or sales you'll make. It's a numbers game – hit the high numbers, and success will almost always follow.

6. Don' t think that you have to make a sale the first time that you speak to a prospect. Many telemarketers know this and rarely attempt to generate sales, but instead focus on leads. A lead maybe anything from obtaining permission to e-mail over some more information to organising a meeting in person.

7. Never call a prospect or attend a sales meeting without knowing how far you'll negotiate. You should know your starting point, the point which you won't drop below anda mid-way point which you'll aim for.

8. Finally, seasoned sellers talk of adopting a 'salesmindset'. Don't approach selling with dread, as an area where rejections are commonplace. Selling should be a challenge. You should enjoy closing deals, making sales,and each rejection should be looked on as a result -you're one step closer to meeting your next customer.


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