Лекция: Telephoning (II)

In business, telephones are answered by giving the name of the firm. Private telephones are normally answered by giving the number only.

A: Eastbourne 54655.

В: Hallo. John here. Can I speak to Mary, please?

A: Hold the line, please.1

В: OK.

A: Sorry, but she's out.

В: Would you tell her I rang?

A: I'd be glad to.


1hold the line: wait (used only on the telephone)



— 4864459.

— Hallo. David Black speak­ing. May I have a word with June?

— I'll just see if she's in.

— Right you are.

— I'm afraid she's not here.

— Could you take a message?

— Yes, of course.


1 May I have a word with June? May I have a short conversation with June?



— Blackpool 15014.

— Hallo. This is James here. Is Alice there, please?

— Hang on a moment.

— All right.

— I think she's gone shopping.

— Would you ask her to call back?

— Certainly.


— 9226530.

— Hallo. My name's Frank Duncan. Could I talk to Linda, please?

— I'll find out if she's at home.

— Right.

— Sorry, but she won't be back till Monday.

— Can you tell her to ring me when she gets back?

— With pleasure.

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