Лекция: Упражнение 394

Перефразируйте следующие предложения, упо­требляя независимый причастный оборот.

As our work was finished,we went home. 2. If the letter is posted today,the news will reach them tomorrow. 3. If mother permits us,we shall go to the theatre. 4. When the working day was over,she went straight home. 5. As a storm was arising,the ship entered the harbour. 6. When the packing had been done,the girls left for the station. 7. As the stop was a long one,the girls got off the train. 8. As the weather was perfect,Lydia played tennis every day. 9. As the last month was a very busy one,she could not answer her friend's letter. 10. If time permits,we shall come a few days earlier. 11. When the third bell had gone,the curtain slowly rose. 12. As the underground station was not far, we

walked there. 13. Bill could not sleep the whole night, as there was something wrong with his eye. 14. As the rules were very strict,the doorkeeper did not permit Bill to enter. 15. As the front door was open,she could see straight through the house. 16. Rip had no desire to work on his farm, for it was to his mind the worst piece of land in the neighbour­hood. 17.They stood there; the night wind was shak­ing the drying whispering leaves. 18. As the situa­tion was urgent,we had to go ahead. 19. When the greetings were over,Old Jolyon seated himself in a wicker chair. 20. The town of Crewe is known to be one of the most busy junctions in England: many railway lines pass through it. 21. Weset off; the rain was still coming down heavily. 22. After a pri­vate sitting room had been engaged, bedrooms in­spected and dinner ordered,the party walked out to view the city. 23. Dinner was served on the terrace, as it was very close in the room. 24.Thoughtful, Andrew finished his omelette; his eyes were all the time fixed upon the microscope. 25. There was in fact nothing to wait for,and we got down to work.

26. The question was rather difficult to answer at once,and Iasked for permission to think it over.

27. He stood leaning against the wall, his arms were folded. 28. There was very little time left;we had to hurry. 29. Of an evening he read aloud; his small son sat by his side. 30.The new engines were safely delivered, all of them were in good order. 31. Our efforts to start the car had failed,and we spent the night in a nearby village.

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