Лекция: Exercise1.Make up your own sentences with Past Perfect Tenseand Future Perfect Tense

Exercise2. Translate into Russian:

1. The workers had finished the work by the end of the week. 2. This coach had left by the time we reached the station. 3. Mary had typed the text and was looking through the files. 4. The policeman asked me if I had seen that accident in the street. 5. His friend explained that he couldn’t pay as he had spent all his money. 6. The teacher asked if students had understood everything. 7. We knew that Nick had been ill since he returned from a business trip. 8. Those boys were good friends. They had known each other for a long time. 9. The homework was much more difficult than brothers had expected. 10. Relatives left after we had discussed their problems.


Exercise 3. Open the brackets giving the right form of the Infinitive:

1. The plane not (to land) yet, but a lot of tourists (to wait) in the terminal. 2. When I (to wake up) in the morning, the rain (to stop) already, and the birds (to sing). 3. My neighbor (to be) back some two months before I (to see) him. 4. Hardly he (to open) the file, when he (to find) the information which he needed. 5. The book turned out to be much more interesting than I (to expect). 6. We wondered if they (to get) our message. 7. Even thought the house (to be) empty for two years, it (to be) in good condition. 8. The patient thanked the doctor for all the attention he (to give) him for the past six months. 9. He was happy. His dream (to come) true. 10. The room looked beautiful, as she (to change) the furniture and the curtains.


Exercise 4. Make up the sentences like in the example:

EXAMPLE:Helen finished the work. Then she went out.

Helen went out after she had finished her work.

1. She did all the homework. Then she went for a walk. 2. The bell rang. Then the students entered the classroom. 3. Sally spent all the money in her purse. Then she left the shop. 4. The clock struck nine. Then Jack woke up. 5. Andrew saved some money. Then he got married. 6. He lost all his money. Then he stopped playing cards. 7. I read the newspaper from the beginning to the end. Then I went to sleep. 8. The sun set. Then the farmers stopped working. 9. We answered all the questions. Then we left home. 10. Little Marie said “Please”. Then I gave her some chocolate.


Exercise 5. Translate into English using Past Perfect Tense:

1. Они обсуждали новости, которые только что получили. 2. Она приготовила все к пяти часам и ждала гостей. 3. Секретарь сообщил, что отправил факс в Нью-Йорк. 4. Он сожалел, что отказался от приглашения. 5. Когда мы пришли в театр, спектакль уже начался. 6. Я думала о том, что он мне рассказал. 7. Мальчики перестали играть в футбол и медленно шли домой. 8. Мы были удивлены, что он получил эту работу. 9. Он сказал, что только что вернулся из Китая. 10. Дети потеряли собаку и искали ее в саду.


Exercise 6. Open thebrackets giving the right form of the Infinitive. Translate into Russian:

A rich American (to go) to Paris and (to buy) there a very strange picture which was painted by a fashionable modern artist. The American (to think) that the picture was fine because he (to pay) a lot of money for it. When he (to come) back to his hotel, he (to try) to hang it, but he (can) not (to say) which the top or which the bottom of the picture (to be). So he thought of a plan. He (to hang) the painting in the dining-room and invited the artist to dinner. When the artist came, they (to sit) down to dinner. While they (to eat) the artist looked at the picture several times but (to say) nothing. It seemed that he never (to see) it before. The American thought: “If he not (to recognize) his work, I (to ask) him about it myself.” But at that time the artist (to rise) from his chair and came up to the painting and said: “What you (to do) with my picture?” You (to put) it upside down!” The American smiled: “Why you not (to tell) me about it at once?” “Well, you see, I wasn’t sure myself at first, but now I must say that we both (to make) a mistake.”


Exercise 7.Translate into Russian:

1. We shall have left by the time you arrive. 2. They will have repaired your car by then. 3. The decorator will have painted the room by Tuesday. 4. I'll already have done the work by the time you come back. 5. I still won't have finished reading the book by four o'clock. 6.He will have left by now. 7. Will you have written the essay by tomorrow? 8. We shall have arranged everything by that time.

Exercise 8. Translate into English using Future Perfect Tense:

1. Завтра к двум часам мы уже сдадим все экзаме­ны. 2. К тому времени, как вы вернетесь, я уже уеду. 3. Если вы позвоните в восемь часов, то они еще не приедут. 4. Они надеются, что отремонтируют кварти­ру к осени. 5. Мы напишем статью к утру, но мы не закончим иллюстрации. 6. Я окончу школу к лету.7.Надеюсь, что я найду работу к концу года. 8. Мы уверены, что узнаем новости к вечеру. 9. Если вы при­дете до девяти часов утра, то они еще не уйдут. 10. Она уже накроет на стол до того, как придут гости.

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