Лекция: Exercise 5.7

Read Madonna’s biography. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense forms, Present Simple, Past Simple or Present Perfect Simple.


Madonna (1) … (be) an American recording artist and actress. She (2) … (be) born August 16, 1958 in Michigan. In 1977 she (3) … (move) to New York City to make a career in modern dance. After performing in pop groups, she (4) … (release) her debut album. She (5) … (follow) it with a number of albums which (6) … (be) very popular. Madonna (7) … (always/be) famous for her variable musical productions.

Her career as an actress (8) … (begin) in 1985. She (9) … (win) several awards, including a Golden Globe Award which she (10) … (receive) in 1996. However her other film roles (11) … (not be) successful since then. During her life Madonna (12) … (try) many things – fashion design, writing books for children, directing and producing films. She also (13) … (own) a recording company now. She (14) … (be) quite successful in business so far.

Madonna (15) … (sell) more than 250 million records within her career. In 2000 Guinness World Records (16) … (list) her as the world's most successful female recording artist of all time.



Complete the interview using the correct tense form, Present Perfect or Past Simple.


Interviewer: Today I’m talking to Darren Ramshaw, the American film director. Tell me, Darren, how long (1) … (you/be) a film director?

Darren: I (2) … (study) film-making at university in the 1980s, and I (3) … (work) as a director for more than 20 years now.

Interviewer: What (4) … (be) the first film that you (5) … (make)?

Darren: “Happy together” in 1987, but it (6) … (not be) popular at all, so nobody (7) … (see) it since then. My first successful film (8) … (come) out three years later.

Interviewer: And how many countries (9) … (you/be) to? (10) … (you/work) outside the US?

Darren: I (11) … (make) films in many countries – France, Brazil, even Russia. Last month I (12) … (fly) to Tokyo and (13) … (spend) a week there.

Interviewer: When (14) … (you/go) to Russia?

Darren: In 2003. I (15) … (want) to make a film about World War II, and I (16) … (walk) along Moscow streets for three hours every day.

Interviewer: What do you like best about your job?

Darren: I (17) … (travel) to almost all countries of the world. And I (18) … (meet) a huge number of interesting people!

Interviewer: (19) … (you/begin) any new projects lately?

Darren: Yes, two weeks ago I (20) … (sign) a new contract, but it’s still a secret.

Interviewer: Thank you, Darren. It (21) … (be) very interesting talking to you.



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