Лекция: Exercise 3.5

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form, active or passive.


Here is the local news for Thursday, March 20th.

Last night in Norstock many trees (1) … (blow) down in the storm. One tree (2) … (fall) across the main road. It (3) … (take) away by the fire brigade two hours later. Heavy rain also (4) … (cause) problems on the roads. Some roads (5) … (cover) by about a metre of water. Many drivers (6) … (leave) their cars and (7) … (walk) home. The situation this afternoon is better. The water (8) … (disappear) from the roads, and the last few cars (9) … (just/remove) by the emergency services. And I can see the telephone engineers at work. The broken lines (10) … (repair). The traffic (11) … (now/move) in and out of the town along the roads.

Last night, a blue Ford (12) … (steal) from outside the house of Mr George Brown. Mr Brown (13) … (phone) the police. Later, the car (14) … (see) in Green Street by Mr Brown’s daughter. It was outside the Shepherd pub. The keys were in the car, so she (15) … (drive) it home. The police (16) … (look) for a careless thief.

And finally, some football news. Norstock Town footballers (17) … (just/become) champions for the third time! A few minutes ago the referee (18) … (blow) the whistle at the end of the game. Our reporter Thomas Hardy (19) … (wait) to talk to us at the stadium.

— Thomas, (20) … (it/be) a good game?

— Yes, excellent, very fast and exciting! Norstock’s star player, Bill Klein (21) … (send) off because he (22) … (kick) one of the players. And the goalkeeper (23) … (hurt) when he (24) … (crash) into the goalpost. He (25) … (carry) off the field with leg injuries, so both teams (26) … (play) with ten men for the last few minutes.

— Is everything all right with the goalkeeper?

— He (27) … (take) to hospital at the moment. The manager (28) … (think) it’s serious.

— And what (29) … (happen) at the stadium now?

— The Norstock players (30) … (present) with the Champions Cup.


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