Лекция: Exercise 1.1

Make reduced forms, questions and negatives.


1. I have done my homework

I’ve done my homework. Have you done your homework? I haven’t done my homework.

2. They have arrived on time.

3. She has filled in the form.

4. We have had a wonderful time!

5. You have made lots of mistakes.

6. He has lost his passport.

7. She has graduated from university.



Complete the text with one of the verbs in the Present Perfect positive or negative form. Then answer the questions on the text with a short answer.




ask be buy (2) cry decide
lose open pay put remove
receive return upset work  


Mrs White and her daughter Sarah (1) have been out shopping, and they (2) … just … home. They (3) … Sarah a new sweater, and she (4) … already … it on. It's so new that they (5) … even … the tag yet.

Mrs White (6) … just … a letter, and she (7) … bad news. She (8) … her job! For the past year she (9) … as a secretary for a rich musician. Now the musician (10) … to stop working, and he (11) … Mrs White to find another job. The letter (12) … Mrs White very much. She's crying. She (13) … recently … a new house and a new car. She (14) … for them yet. Sarah’s worried about her mother. Mrs White (15) … never … in front of her daughter before.



1. Have Mrs White and Sarah been out shopping? Yes, they have.

2. Has Mrs White just opened a letter?

3. Has she worked as a babysitter for the past year?

4. Has the musician died?

5. Has the letter upset Mrs White?

6. Has Mrs White ever cried in front of her daughter before?

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