Лекция: Business World

1. Переведите предложения на русский язык. Объясните значение выделенных слов и словосочетаний на английском языке:

1. Discovering the real reasons for the market plunge may take time.

2. Stephen Hester, the boss of RBS, suggested in a radio interview this morning, the problem is not so much the banks but global economic imbalances.

3. For all the fuss over America’s debt-ceiling talks, Europe’s crisis is the bigger worry.

4. A lousy debt deal, rising fears of a recession, the danger of longer-term stagnation: America’s outlook is grim.

5. Last year a federal judge shook America’s biotech industry to its core: by 2005 some 20% of human genes were patented, but in March 2010 a judge ruled that genes were unpatentable.

6. Bond spreads show how sickly the euro zone is getting.

7. The euro's generals are in danger of wasting their ammunition.

8. Europe’s leaders are going on holiday, but the markets are not.

9. Stock markets struggle in the face of sluggish rich-world growth.

10. Governments in the rich world have painted themselves into a corner.

11. Japan intervenes to halt the yen, joining the game of «pass the deflationary parcel”.

12. Since 2004 sales by volume of LCD flat-panel screens, used in televisions, computers and mobile phones have increased tenfold, and their prices have fallen by three-quarters.

13. Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, hit by post-Fukushima fall-out, discuss a merger.

14. Japan’s electronics companies once epitomised its national power and defined late-20th-century consumer technology: Sony introduced the transistor radio and the Walkman, Toshiba was first to mass-produce laptops.

15. Japanese electronics firms see outsourcingas part of the solution to their woes.

16. Sitting in the office of an Indian boss when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) raises interest rates with an unexpectedly aggressive jerk, things get a little tense.

17. What happens at the bargaining table over the next six weeks could determine the long-term viability of both the union and Detroit’s Big Three carmakers.

18. Mr. Toyoda took the reins in 2009, just as Toyota displaced General Motors as the world’s largest car company.

19. With a degree from Stanford, a renowned British university, and several years’ work experience in a leading investment bank, British graduates believed they knew how to get into a top MBA programme.

20. Spain’s IE Business School is launching two new finance programmes: the Executive Master in Finance, a part time programme which will launch next year; and the Global Master in Finance, which mixes online and residential modules in London and Madrid, starting in October.


2. Используя словарь, устно переведите статью на русский язык. Составьте словарь кулинарных терминов, использованных в ней, и предложения со словосочетаниями, выделенными жирным шрифтом:

Например:1. Vegetarian burgers – вегетарианские гамбургеры

2. Paneer based – панированный, в панировке




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