Лекция: Выберите слова из списка и дополните предложения

Dentist, electrician, nurse, photographer, private detective, shop assistant, taxi driver

1. She’s a dentist.

2. She is_____________________________.

3. He’s _____________________________. 4. __________________________________.

5. __________________________________. 6. __________________________________.

7. __________________________________. 8. __________________________________.

4. Вставьте артикль a/an или the

1. We enjoyed our holiday. The hotel was very nice.

2. ‘Can I ask a question?’ ‘Of course. What do you want to ask?’

3. You look very tired. You need ________ holiday.

4. ‘Where’s Tom?’ ‘He’s in _______bathroom.’

5. Jane is _______interesting person. You must meet her.

6. A: Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to _______city centre?

B: Yes, go straight on and then take ________ next turning left.

7. A: Shall we go out for _______ meal this evening?

B: Yes, that’s good idea.

8. It’s ______nice morning. Let’s go for _______walk.

9. Amanda is_______student. When she finishes her studies, she wants to be ______journalist. She lives with two friends in _____ flat near ______ college where she is studying ______ flat is small but she likes it.

10. Peter and Mary have got two children, _____ boy and ______ girl _____ boy is seven years old and _____ girl is three. Peter works in ______ factory. Mary hasn’t got ______ job in the moment.


5. Вставьте артикль the, где необходимо. Напишите OK, если предложение составлено верно

1. What is name of the street? the name

2. What’s on television tonight? OK

3. Our apartment is on second floor. ____________

4. Would you like to go to moon? ______________

5. Which is best hotel in the world? _____________

6. What time is lunch? ________________________

7. How far is to city centre? ____________________

8. We’re going away at end of May. _____________

9. What’s biggest city in world? _________________

10. I didn’t like her first time I met her. __________

11. I’m going out after dinner. __________________

12. What are you doing next week? ______________

13. My sister got married last month. ____________

14. My dictionary is on top shelf on right__________

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