Лекция: Прочтите и переведите следующие предложения на русский язык

a)1. This translation was done by the students yesterday. 2. Her articles are often published in the magazine. 3. The article was translated by me. 4. She was given a few articles to translate. 5. The words were reviewed by her twice. 6. St. Petersburg was founded by Peter I. 7. London is situated on the river Thames. 8. The house was surrounded by a high wall. 9. The room is cleaned every day.

б)1. I often invite my friend to the theatre. I am often invited to the theatre. 2. I often see him in the library. He is often seen there. 3. I told her to come here. She was told to come here. 4. He helps me with my work. I am often helped with my work. 5. If you read little, you will forget the new words. This story was forgotten. 6. Is this expression often used in the language? Did you use a dictionary when you were translating the article? 7. I introduced my friend to my parents. The young man was introduced by me to my parents.

в)1. She is liked by everybody. 2. You are asked on the telephone. 3. You were looked at. 4. He was understood by us. 5. The book is much spoken about. 6. We were told to take part in the conference. 7. He was listened to attentively. 8. She will be followed. 9. The doctor was sent for. 10. She will be met at the station. 11. The man was taken to the hospital at once. 12. Tom was offered an interesting job. 13. I was given two hours to make my decision. 14. They were paid $100 to do the work.

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