Реферат: Латышская национальная кухня

                        Latvian traditional food. 

   Ourcountry style of eating is derived from what the sea, rivers, forests, andgardens provide. Good lamprey or eel, all the tasty seafood items are Latviandelicacies. Just imagine classic pickled herring with potatoes, cottage cheeseand pickles served together with curdled milk or a beer. A farmer doesn’t thinkabout any eating theories – he simply eats whatever the season provides,whatever has been harvested, the meat from whatever animal has beenslaughtered. It’s a natural way of life. On the other hand, the farmers eat toomuch bacon and potatoes and therefore they get fat and dumb.

   Simplefamilies from Riga eat whatever they can buy in the shops. Many families can’tallow delicacies like salmon or caviar, so their usual meals are meat, pasta,potatoes, rise or other porgies. Latvian people like vegetables very much:cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, eggplants, beets, carrots. Many people like toadd fennel, bazilik or other spices.

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