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The United States

The USA is one of the largest countries in the world. The USA play an important role in the international political life. The country is situated in the Central part of the North American continent. Its total area is about nine million square kilometres. It is washed by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The population of the United States is nearly 250 million people and most of the people live in towns and cities. People of different nationalities live in the USA. The country and its people are very rich. California, one of the western states, is called «the millionaire state» because there are more than one million people who are millionaires. But it does not mean that the life of the most coloured people is easy. They still have to stand poverty and unemployment. The official language of the country is English. The capital of the country is Washington. It was named after the first US President George Washington. As the USA is a large country the climate vary a lot from one region to another. For example, the Pacific coast is an area of mild winters and warm, dry summers. The number of sunny days in California reaches 350 per year level. Eastern continental region is watered with rainfalls. The region around the Great Lakes has changeable weather. There are a lot of mountains in the USA. The highest peak if the Cordilliers is 4,418 metres. The main river of the country is Mississippi. Louisiana negroes call it mother river. There are many other great and beautiful rivers there:Colorado in the South and Columbia in the north-west. The are five Great Lakes between the USA and Canada and the most beautiful of them is Ontario.
    In the USA they grow corn, wheat, cotton and tobacco. Only 4 per cent of the population involved in the agricultural sector. Main American cities are Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit and Philadelphia. Washington is the capital of the country, where the two-chambered US Congress works and the President lives. New York is the world's biggest business and cultural centre. Boston is famous for its three best-known universities. Chicago is one of the largest industrial cities of the USA. Detroit is the capital of motor-car industry. Hollywood, once a small city near Los Angeles became world's leading movie business centre. The USA has an Academy of Science that is internationally known. There are a lot of institutes and laboratories, museums and libraries. Most famous is the US Congress Library where one can find nearly everything that was published anywhere in the world. The USA is rich in mineral resources such as aluminum, salt, zinc, copper, cement, natural gas, gold and silver. Such industries as cai-manufacturing, machine-building, automatic processing lines, telecommunications and computers are highly developed in the USA. The United States is a federal republic of 50 states. There is also the federal district Columbia. Each of the states has its own governor, government and laws. The president is the head of the state and the federal government. There are two main political parties in the USA: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Youth organizations play important role in political life of the USA.
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