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1. My last day off.

 Yesterday it was Sunday, that’s why my last day off was not long ago andI remember it quite well. I always try to do my best to make my holidays reallyexciting, because we have only few days in a week for relaxation and rest.

  Yesterdaymy friends and I agreed to meet at my place. First we watched a veryinteresting TV show «What? Where? When?». Then we went took a videocassette andwatched an outstanding movie «The Independence Day». This is a story aboutstrangers from the other planets that were trying to conquer the whole Earthand about the struggle against them. The movie is full of visual effects andcomputer graphics that takes your breath and makes you admire the moderntechnologies in the cinema. I wish our studios and directors made such movies.«The Independence Day» can be added to the genius pieces of modern art – thatis my opinion.

  Havingwatched the film, we decided that it was a time to go outside. The first placewe went to was the sports ground. Though it was rather cold, we put on warmclothes and had fun. Almost all day long we played soccer and basketball.

  As forme, I like weekends and holidays, as the majority of other people. And I liketelling about my holidays. It’s dull to listen about the ordinary working day,how do you think? Every working day looks like another, but every weekend isdifferent from the other. During the weekend we have an opportunity of enjoyingthe life and having rest.

2. The library of our institute.

 «Library is a temple of  books»,-- somebody said. And I fully agree with these wise words. Every person in ourcountry elder than 14 years old, I’m sure, was at least one time in thelibrary. The majority of young people has subscriptions to the libraries theylike. The libraries not only give us a vast choice of books, but also offersexcellent opportunities of having rest.

  As youknow, I study at the Far-Eastern State University, and I’m very proud that itslibrary is thought to be the one of the largest in Primorye and even the wholeFar-East.

Soon after our studies began, we had heard fora course of lectures about the university library. We were told about the rulesof using books we take from the library and about its catalogues. Havinglistened to this course, we passed an examination that showed everything we hadlearnt.

  Soon Ihad to visit our library the first time as I needed a text book on economics. Iwent downstairs (as library is situated in the ground floor) and found a room Iwas searching for. But I didn’t get the immediately as it was many students.So  I waited for my turn. I asked to alibrarian if I could get the book on economical theory. She answeredaffirmatively and soon brought me a book which name was «Modern economics». Thanthe librarian asked me if it was for the first time I used the library’sservices. I answered that it was true, and she suggest me to receive reader’sticket. I was interested to know what documents I had to provide for this. Shetold that she needed only my photo 3x4 cm and some money. Fortunately, I hadpicture with myself and two minutes later I was the owner of reader’s ticket,which proves that I am a real member of the university library.

  So,that is my story about our library. By the way, I want to say you that I wasgreatly surprised the level of service in it. It was very pleasant to meet kindlibrarian that was eager to help in everything you ask.

 3.A visit to a sick friend.

 Everybody can fall ill with any disease. Fortunately, only cold and fluare quite frequent in our city among infectious illnesses. They are rather easyfor the modern medicine and various pills can help you a lot in overcoming thistrouble. But, of course, being sick isn’t a pleasant way of spending your time.In such situation friend’s participation in this trouble can encourage you,give you moral support and even can make yourself feel better. That’s why youalways should visit your sick friends. You must remember that tomorrow thisillness may happen with you.

  Ialways try to follow this rule. Fortunately, my friends don’t fall illfrequent. But I remember such case that happened about 12 months ago. One of mybest school friends had fallen ill with hard form of flu. Soon I went to hisplace to see him. I took some things that, as I was expecting, were interestingfor him. Among them I brought a videocassette with best game moments ofNational Basketball Association. He was very glad for this present and soon weboth were enjoying the outstanding games of the strongest basketball league inthe world. Then I told him all last school news and everything about thematerial we had passed when he was absent. Then we tried to entertain ourselvesand started to solve crosswords in the newspapers, to watch TV set, so we beganto do all that everybody makes when he doesn’t know what to do. To my surprise,I lost the feeling of time and there was deep evening, when I understood, thatit was a time to go to the home. When I was leaving for the home, my friendpromised that he would be all right soon and he kept his word. In a two days hecame to school and started to study various subjects with new energy. Sometimesa little interval is useful for a person.

  Modernmedicine helps us a lot in a illness treatment. It also gives us many advisesof how not to fall ill. Please follow these recommendations, and don’t be sick.

4. My family.

  We are4 at our family: my mother, father, my elder brother and I. I think, our familyis friendly, united. We spend much time together, go for a walk in the woods,visit theaters, museums, go to the cinema. My mother’s name is LuidmilaMikhailovna. She is an engineer, she works in an office. She is a kind, nicewoman. She can cook very well. She is fond of reading. My father’s name is  Konstantin Alexeevich. He is a sailor. He isa strong, clever man. He often tells me interesting stories about differentcountries. Father can do a lot of things. He teaches me to repair furniture, todrive a car. My brother’s name is Alexei. He is 22 years old. He have beenstudied in Far- Eastern State Marine Academy for 5 years. Now it is a verydifficult period for him: he is passing through state exams.

  I havemy duties about the house. I must go shopping, clean the rooms. It’s notdifficult for me. I like our home to be clean and tidy. I think home is thenicest place. As proverb says, «East or West, home is best». There is no placemore delightful than home and there are no people more dear than yourrelatives.

5. The working day of an engineer.

  One ofmy friend, Dmity Shevelev, lives in Vladivostok now though he was born inNakhodka. Some years ago he graduated from the one of our institutions andbecame an engineer. Now he lives near his office. He usually walks there. Heworks on weekdays. I can’t say that he work hard, but all his mates like himbecause he is a good mixer or, as you may say, he is very communicable person.He doesn’t work on Saturday or Sunday. His working day usually lasts for eighthours. His duties are to answer all incoming letters and calls, to meet withdifferent specialists, to help young engineers. He often tells me that he likeshis job. I usually meet him after the work and we speak about life. He is veryglad that he found such work where he can show all his talents. Though there isa difference between our ages, we have much in common. He is among my bestfriends.

  By theway, my friend knows English rather well (he finished school #13). It helps hima lot as every year various foreign delegations come to their office. Thesedelegations change different technologies with our specialists and discuss manyproblems. All foreigners thought Shevelev to be the best translator in theirinstitute.

6. My working day.

  Iusually start my day with getting up and doing all things that everybody doesin the morning: washing, having breakfast, etc. Also, I got used to gather mylearning tools: pencils, exercise-books, text-books in the morning. Then Iusually go to the university. Fortunately, father takes a car every morning andhe often picks me up and drives me to the doors of our university building.

  Andsoon the lectures and lessons begin… We have from 2 to 4 lectures every time,depending on day. I like studying in the university more than in the schoolbecause in university it is mostly allowed to miss some lectures (of course,later you should take a summary from your mate and copy it). So, a student ismuch more free, than pupil is.

  Afterthe lessons I usually return home where I have dinner and start thinking aboutmy ways of spending the rest of the day. Very often I go to my friend’s places.During the early autumn and summer I often go to the sports ground or on thebeach. I also like visiting different sports events, for example, soccermatches of «Luch» in Russian championship. So, the world is full of enjoyablethings to do.

  Onreturning home I usually start doing my homework (perhaps, it is the most dullpart of the day). Having finished it, I open a book and read it or watch TV. Atlast, I go to the bed.

  Ofcourse, I would like to tell you more about myself and my working day, but,unfortunately, my time is rather limited and I have got a lot of homework todo. Generally, now you know about my working day enough.

7. My grandmother country house.

  You arelucky if you have grandmother in the country to go to. Visiting our old relatives gives us excellentchance to become children again. Every time you are at your grannies they startto take care of you. That’s why everybody loves his grannies very much.Countryside is always the nicest place for everybody as its fresh air cheersyou up and the low level of noise helps you to have real rest.

  Mygrandmother lives at Oceanskaya station. Every summer I got used to spent mysummer vocations at her place. It is the nicest place for me. There is sandbeach and deep forest – it is all I need for the rest. Every day is full ofadventures – you may investigate woods, get sunburn or swim in the sea. And ifyou also find good friends to spend time with – you may call this place realparadise. And all this pleasures one can get only in 25 kilometers of the city!

  Mygrandmother is kind old woman. Her name is Lidia Federovna. All her life sheworked hard and now she is still very industrious and tender-hearted. I loveher very much. All best moments in my life I spent at her place at Okeanskayastation. I will never forgot my grandmother’s house and I am sure theimpressions I got there will be among the brightest in my life.

8. The lesson of English.

  As youknow, our group has two English lesson a week: on Tuesday and Friday. When theteacher come and opens the door, we come in and sit down at the tables. Then weopen our bags and take our exercise-books and Bonk’s text-books.

  Andsoon the lesson begins… We usually start it by pronouncing different words andsounds. Then we are usually invited to the blackboard by the teacher and OksanaVictorovna asks us the words we were to teach by heart. After that we usuallydo some exercises from the text-book. These exercises teach us to askquestions, or how to make negative sentences and so on. Then, having got ourexercise-books for tests, we usually write spelling, two tests and a quiz.During the lesson we speak mostly English, but sometimes, when the studentsdon’t understand the teacher or the task in the text-book, we start speakingRussian.

  What Ilike best of all in our English lessons is the gay, friendly atmosphere in theclass. The funny joke is always greeted.

  To theend of the lesson the teacher always gives us a huge homework. It usuallyconsists of learning new words or a text by heart and making several exercisesin a writing form. Then we all say good-bye to our teacher and begin preparingto the new lesson.

  Here Iwant to end my small composition about the English lessons in the university,where I study. And I want to say you that all English lessons are among themost interesting and the most exciting lessons; that’s why I like them verymuch.

9. What will be there in my new flat.

  Everyyoung man wants to live independently. And I’m not an exception. Of course, thetime will come, when I will alone in my flat. I wait for this moment and  imagine, that my new flat will be at leastthree roomed. There will be a study, a bed-room, a dinning-room. Of course,there also will be a kitchen and a bathroom. The dinning- room will be bigcomfortable room with big table in the center. There also will be severalarmchairs, and a big TV set in it. In this room I shall receive guests. I alsoshall put a piano in the one of corners of the room and shall start takingpiano lessons cause I like this musical instrument very much.

  Thebed-room will become my favorite one because it is a room of rest whereeverybody can spend several hours without noise and fuss. There I shall put myPC that helps me very much.

  Anotherroom – study will be the place where I shall do all my work. There will be alarge table full of papers and several shelves. I am going to gather bigcollection of books, so they won’t stay empty.

  That’show I imagine my future flat. I hope that these dreams will become true.

10. How did I spend last summer?

  I thinksummer is the best season for rest because it is warm, the nature is beautifuland we have great opportunities for rest. Summer is a time of holidays. We cango for a walk all day long, watch the clouds, swim, sit down by a river or alake on fresh, green grass, climb high hills, play different games, ride abicycle and so on.

  I spendmy summer holidays at my granny. There were many things there to enjoy. I swamin the sea, laid in the sun and did many other things. Sometimes I made a firewith my friends at the seaside and cooked potatoes there. It was wonderful. Wetold anecdotes to each other, and did everything we wanted. I also got used towalk alone in the forest.

  Whenthe August was coming to the end, I went on a small voyage by ship. The shipname was «Olga Sadovskaya».

  But thelast summer wasn’t for me only sugar and honey. I have passed through thegraduating exams in school and entering exams in the university and technicaluniversity. So the bigger part of my summer vocations I spent at the books. Ofcourse, it was not interesting, but I’m glad that I did it because now I’m astudent of the best university in Primorye and the whole Far-East.

11.My first journey.

  Forsome people there is nothing so exciting as traveling, and I’m not anexception. And I’m happy that I have traveled a lot and I hope that my firstjourney wasn’t the last one.

  First Ibought a ticket for plane. Many people think, that nothing can be compared withtraveling by air, because it is the most comfortable, and, of course, thequickest way of moving. There is none of the dust and dirt of a railway or carjourney, none of the trouble of changing from train of another to streamer andthen to another train. But booking tickets in summer is a problem. The air-fareis quite expensive and not all people can afford it.

  Then Icontinued my way by the train. This kind of transport has also many advantages.With a train you have a comfort and speed combined. From  a comfortable corner seat of a railwaycarriage you have a splendid view of a countryside. If you are hungry you canhave a meal in the dinning-car and if the journey is long one can have a bed ina sleeper.

  But Ibelieve that there is no travel so fine as by ship. It’s wonderful to feel thedeck of the ship under the feet, to see the rise and fall of the waves, to feelthe fresh sea wind blowing in the face, hear the cry of the sea-gulls. Ofcourse, the voyage isn’t exciting for those who are sea-sick when the sea is alittle bit rough.

  Manypeople say: «Give me a walking tour any time». And it is not surprising. Thewalker leaves the dull, broad highway and goes along little winding lanes wherecars can’t go. He takes mountain paths through the heather, he wonders by theside of quiet lakes and through the shades of woods.

  He seesthe real country, the wild flowers, the young birds in their nests, the deer inthe forest, he feels the quietness and calm of nature. And besides, you aresaving a lot of money by traveling on foot. No one can deny that walking is thecheapest method of traveling.

12.My work at the foreign trade company.

  Hello,my name is Maxim Sviridov. I work as a manager at the «Star tour» company. Itis Russian company which works on the business travel market. Two weeks ago Iwas sent by the administration of our company to London where I studied theEnglish travel companies, their traditions, their marketing and management. Nowmy business trip is coming to the end and I want to share with you myimpressions of English business world. First of all English businessmen arewell known all over the world for their honesty and decency. If an Englishmangives you his word he will keep it in any case. Besides that, nothing can preventhim from refusing the once taken decision. Of course, there are someexclusions, but they are so rare that nobody should put attention on them.

  Duringthe last two weeks my working day was approximately the same. Early in themorning I took a taxi to my hosts’ headquarters, which is situated in the City– the business heart of London. First of all I usually asked Ms. Lapital – mysecretary if there were any letters or cables for me. Then she gave me mycorrespondence and fresh newspapers and I followed to my office-room. There Istudied all documents that had come for my name and wrote a short report aboutprevious business day and then  faxed itto my native company in Vladivostok. After that I went to Mr. Forsberg’soffice-room to get tasks for the new day and ask some questions about theircompany, its history, traditions, clients, and so on. After that I usually didwhat Mr. Forsberg asked. My usual job was meeting with potential clients,discussing their rest plans and offering the services of Mr. Forsberg’scompany. I usually met with 10 or 12 people a day. They were representatives ofdifferent social groups and communicating with them increased my knowledge ofEngland and Englishmen, their psychology greatly. This business trip was agreat chance for me and I hope I used this chance fully. Now I know a lot aboutWestern business world, about travel business and this knowledge will, ofcourse, help my in my future career.

13.My breakfast.

  It isnot a secret that our meals influence much on our health and our mood. That’swhy I consider breakfast to be the most important meal in the day as it is thefirst our meal and it can put us in good spirits or it can’t. Now I shall tellyou about my breakfast.

  In themorning I usually have porridge. I often start my breakfast with a cereal whichis not cooked, it is something dry, ready to be eaten or muesly – some grain orporridge which is not cooked with dried fruit, nuts and so on.

  I alsolike eggs (cooked in different ways). I don’t practically eat butter, I prefersoft margarine – made of vegetable fat, which is not heavy and creamy. I don’teat jam at breakfast, I eat marmalade which is not sweet, there is slightbitterness; it’s rather pleasant.

  Iusually don’t have substantial breakfast on weekdays, I do it on weekends whenI get up late. Very often I have just tea or coffee with sandwiches. Tea isusually taken by me with milk. I like very strong tea without sugar.

 Sometimes when I am in hurry I don’t have time to have proper breakfastand I go to the university being hungry. In such case I usually buy somethinglike «Snickers» or «Mars» on my way to the Alma Mater.

14.My district and my flat.

  As youknow, Vladivostok, the capital of the Primorsky region, occupies the peninsula of Murav’ev-Amursky which iswashed by Amur and Ussuri gulfs. One part of this peninsula, called Egersheld(it was named after one of the explores of Russian Far-East), is my nativedistrict. Egersheld is known from the foundation of Vladivostok. More then onehundred years ago the first houses for the seamen appeared in it. Since thattime Egersheld is known as the working center of the city. Now, for example,the territory of the commercial port is situated in this district. Egersheld  is the most environmental friendly districtin the city as it is open to strong sea winds which blow out all harmfulsubstances in the air and clouds of dust. Of course, this has a negative side –the average temperature in the district in winter is lower than in the otherparts of Vladivostok. As my native district occupies very special geographicalposition (in fact, Egersheld – is a small peninsula of Murav’ev-Amurskypeninsula) so its citizens may admire beautiful sea scenes every evening whenthe sun is hiding for the horizon. These seascapes are really breathtaking andvery often you may see dozens of artists trying to carry this wonderful sightto paper or canvas.

  Nowabout my flat. I live in Sipyagina, 31. Our flat is not very large, itsdouble-roomed. If you know the word «khrushovka», you may imagine what is ourflat looks like. Besides these two rooms we also have a kitchen and a bathroom.I think there is no any outstanding thing in our flat that is worth describing.We have a TV set in  one of the rooms,two wardrobes, two working tables, and small bookcase where our home library iskept.


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