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Jane Eyre Essay, Research Paper

Charlotte Bront?’s Jane Eyre can be viewed in many different ways, but most of all, it is a romantic novel Some, however, don’t see it this way. The beginning stages of the love relationship between Jane and Mr. Rochester’s are a bit unusual. Some may say Mr. Rochester treats Jane unfairly. It’s not until later on in the story when Jane meets another man, that she realizes her true love for Mr. Rochester. This is what makes a romantic novel.

There are two stages or parts to the relationship between Jane and Mr. Rochester. The first stage begins when they first meet in chapter 10 and continues until Jane’s departure in Chapter 27. This stage of their relationship is best described as dishonest and somewhat peculiar. When Jane and Rochester first meet, (p.129), she is unaware that the rider, who has just fallen off of his horse, is Mr. Rochester, her trip to the post office is interrupted when a horse slips on some ice and throws the rider off. Jane goes to offer help to this stranger. After refusing to let Jane go for help, the rider starts asking her questions about the owner of Thornfield. Rochester acts somewhat startled when Jane admits she’s never actually seen the owner. Not only is this first encounter extremely strange because he forgets to mention the fact that he is Mr. Rochester, but he acts startled when she admits that she’s never met her employer, the infamous Mr. Rochester.

Throughout the whole first part of Jane and Rochester’s relationship, we constantly see Rochester testing Jane in all different ways. In chapter 14, he blatantly asks Jane if she thinks he is a handsome man. (When people ask such questions, it’s either a joke to see what someone will say, or the person is just extremely conceited which Rochester doesn’t show at any other time).

The first time we see the connection between Rochester and Jane is when they have the conversation about C?line Varens. This is where Rochester completely opens up to Jane about his feelings for C?line and how she broke his heart.

Rochester’s biggest trick was when he dressed up as a gypsy and demanded to read the fortunes of all of the young women of the house. When it Jane’s turn came, the gypsy hounded her with questions about her feelings towards Rochester. Jane cautiously answered, remembering that the gypsy mentioned being a friend of Grace Poole. Shortly after, Rochester reveals his true identity and begins to boast about how well he tricked everyone. While he thinks he did this wonderful job on portraying a gypsy, Jane, as well as most of the readers, see this as a rather childish act that was very cruel. No one likes to be tricked.

Shortly into Jane’s stay at Thornfield, we meet a new woman in Rochester’s life, Blanche Ingram. Blanche is an extremely snobby, upper class woman who isn’t really fond of Jane. One of her many rude acts was purposely having a conversation in front of Jane about how useless governess are. Eventually, there are rumors saying that Rochester will marry Blanche Ingram. Rochester speaks about a “Mrs. Rochester” many times, but is very careful not to mention any names. One example of this is when Mr. Rochester says, “you must see the carriage, Jane, and tell me if you don’t think it will suit Mrs. Rochester exactly…” While the readers and Jane think this is his way of rubbing it in her face, what he’s really doing is trying to see what Jane’s reaction will be. This is a romantic gesture.

It is not until Chapter 23 when Mr. Rochester finally confesses his love for Jane. This comes after yet another one of his tests/tricks. He finds Jane to tell her that he has found her another job as a governess in Ireland. After hearing this, Jane breaks down and sobs, saying, “I grieve to leave…

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