Реферат: Students Philosophy Jobs Essay Research Paper 1

Students, Philosophy, Jobs Essay, Research Paper

1. What is the philosophy of the school?

q It is in the appendix (in the first page)

2. Review the student and the teacher handbooks.Comments?

q It is in the appendix

3. When are professional employees required to be in the school building? (When do they arrive, when leave?)

q They must come to the school at 08 o’clock and they can leave at 17 o’clock.

4. What time does school begin? End?

q On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, the school start at 08.30and it ends at 16.10

q On Friday the school also start at 08.30 but it ends at 13.20.This is for the levels 9, 10, 11.For the other levels school on Friday ends at 16.20.

5. When do the students arrive? Leave?

q Atudents arrive at 8.15 and leave at 16.20.

6. How do the students get the school? Where are they coming from?

q They are coming wityh minibus services (Akara truzim).They are coming from everywhere from Ankara.From Ke?i?ren, ?ayyolu, Sincan, Eryaman, Batikent, Cebeci.There are no special place students come.

7. What are the regulations about students begin in the school building?

q There is a handbook given to the students.It is given in the appendix part.

8. Where are student lockers and when are they allowed to go them?

q There are lockers only for physical training.During physical traing they can go them.Locker are in the sport hall.

9. Once students enter the classrooms, may they leave? If so, for what purposes and where may they go? Must they a pass?

q With permission of the teacher students can leave the classroom.But the teacher can give permission only for going to infirmary, to assistant of maneger.When they are late for the lesson they take a pass from the assistant of maneger.

10. How are lateness’s and absences handled? Who handles them? Who keeps the records?

q When the student are late for the first lesson they take a pass from the assistant of maneger.If the students are late for the second and third lesson they are recorded to the absences of the students.If students come after four lessons (a half day absences) school call their parents and inform them.

11. How are the discipline problems handled? Is there an explicit policy? An implicit one?

q There are two types discipline problems

q Between the students: Both of them talk about the problem with the guidance of the school and the guidance makes a report.According the report the students are given a discipline punishment.

q Between students and teacher: Teacher makes a petition to the general maneger.Genarel maneger send this petition to the guidance service.Guidance talks with the students and makes a report.According to this report students are given a discipline punishment.

12. Where are the playing fields and When may students be on them?

q There are playing place (garden), spor hall.Students cannot go to these places whenever they want.They can only go during the lunch and after finishing the lessons

13. Where is the cafeteria? Where else may students congregate, eat, study?

q Cafeteria is in the building adjacent to the school building.Everyone can go and eat there.There is no obligation for students to go and eat in the cafeteria.Students can eat from canteen.

14. Where may students go after lunch? When? who is in charge?

q They can go only to the playing place.But since after the lunch the lessons start again they cannot go anywhere.

15. May your students chew gum or eat/drink in class? School policy or teachers’?

q No, they may not eat and drink in the class during the lessons.If the teacher face with this problem, first they talk with the student at the end of the lesson.If the students do the same thing, they are sent to the assistant maneger

16. What are circumstances under which a student may stay at school without faculty supervision?

q Only for doing homework with computer they can take permission from the teacher who is responsible from the computers.

17. Who erases the board and prepares the room for next day’s activities?

q Everyday one student is responsible from the cleaning the board and prepare the calssroom for the next day activity.

18. Who is the nurse, where is her or his office, what is her or his schedule, and what is the procedure for sending a students to see him or her?

q There is an infirmary service.There are a nurse and a doctor working in the service.The service is in the entarence of the school building.The first interference is done to the patient by this service.

19. What should teacher do in case of a medical emergency in the classroom?

q If there is an emergency during the lesson teacher may interfere the patient first and the call the doctor.Or teacher can send the student to the infirmary service with their friends.

20. Who is the secretary and what are the regulations regarding secretarial help?

q There are services in the school

? One service drawing the figure in the question sheets

? The other one press the question sheets

? Infirmary services

21. What are the telephone number and mailing address of your cooperating teacher?

q ALI GALIP KARAKAN:He hasn’t e mail address

Tel: 210 48 18

210 13 78

22. Are any of your students on medication? If yes, is there a physician’s prescription on file with directions for administering the medication?

q No there aren’t

23. When and by whom may a students be taken from the school?

q If the students have not any examination in a day, Parents or someone with permission of the parents can take the student from the school.

24. What is the school policy about releasing information about a student?

q Every student have a file in the maneger office.However everyone cannot reach the information in the file.

25. What is a school day like for a student?(shadow a student for one day)


q She is 14 year old and her class 7 B

q Her home tel no:343 68 63

q She is get up at 7.00 o’clock

q She leaves the home at 7.30 o’clock

q She arrive at school at 8.00 o’clock

q At 08.30 the ring bells for the first lesson

q During the breaks

? She listens music

? She chat friendly with her teacher

? She write something like poems, jingles on the board

q At 12.50 the ring bells for the lunch

q She has lunch at cafeteria and return to her class

q At 13.40 the ring bells for the6th lesson

q At 16.10 the school ends and she goes to the minubus service

q At 16.30 minibus leaves the school

26. What is the guidiance counselor’s role? What kind of permanent records on the students does the school keep?

q Students can take information about everything from the guidance counselor.Especially for problematic students guidance counselor have an important duty.When the student have physchological problems Guidance counselor keeps records about the studentsIn addition for the discipline problem they keeps records.

27. What library, audiovisual and computer resources are there? When can you access these resources?How?

q There are computers, overhead projections and book library resources.These resources are used by the students only for homework by taking a permission from their teachers who are responsible from the resources.

28. What is the grading policy?

q They use fivefold (5′lik) system

29. Is there a tracking system in the school?

q No there isn’t

30. Are there all school meetings?

q Yes there is.All school meet once in a month.

31. Attend and describe a faculty meeting?

q They meet once in a month only for conservation of the share examination.Share examination is done once in a month.

32. What are the extracurricular activities in the school and which are most popular?

q The most popular activity is the honey day of the school (between 5-9 june). There is an introduction of the school for the parents it is done at the beginning of the school

q There are some groups.Music groups, spor groups.

q Conservation (between the students and artists, author.The last author conserve with the students is Can D?ndar)

q Picture exhibition of the students

33. How active is the parent-teacher organisation?what does it do?

q Everytime parents can discuss with teachers and the teacher can call the parents whenever he/she wants.However each week parent and the student have an hour to discuss with each other.

34. Are community members or alumni involved in the school?What do the do?

q Yes there are.They organise the exhibitions and the conservations.

35. Of what accomplishment, programs, or facilities are the students, faculty and/or staff especially proud?

q Spor, basketball, swimming, folkdance.The most important facility for the Ari college is the basketball.Ari college basketball team win many coupe


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