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Jet Skiing And Snowmobiling Essay, Research Paper

Jet Skiing and snowmobiling are a great way to experience nature

Jet skiing and snowmobiling are outdoor recreations that provide a great amount of enjoyment for the rider. Both recreations offer riders a chance to get outdoors. For people who like summer they can jet ski, and for people who lie the winter they can snowmobile. Even though the sports are done at different times of the year, there are more similarities than differences including the criticisum the sports get from environmentalists.

Jet skiing and snowmobiling are pursued for many of the same reasons. Riders of both sports require common sense, a respect for the machines they operate and a respect for safety for themselves and others. To ride either machines, requires some type of safety equipment. For the jet skier, a life jacket must be worn. For the snowmobile rider, warm clothing is needed from head to toe and a helmet must be worn. both sports offer the rider a chance to get to places where many others cannot go, whether it is in the middle of the lake looking back at the shore for the jet skier or in the middled of a field covered with two or three feet of snow for the snowmombiler. However, the biggest reason why people pursue both sports is because they offer the fider a chance to see nature literlly from a different perspective. Both riders have a deep respect and love of nature. Both sports allow the riders to genuinely appreciate nature and all its majestice beauty.

Another similarity is the criticism that the sports draw from environmentalists. In March of 2000, the US Nations Park Service issued a ruling barring personal watercrafts, which also includes the jet ski, from most National Parks facilities throughout the country. The Park Servie ban was based on information obtained from the Lands subcommittee citiing pollution of the water ways. The American Watercraft Association in response to this ban launched a new program directed at working with the Environmental Protection Agency to set standards and a phase-in period. An agreement was reached between both parities, and new emission standards will to into effect in the year 2006. Likewise, Park Services, a branch of the federal government, placed its own ban on snowmobiling citing facts obtained from an enviromental group called Wilderness Foundation. The Wilderness Foundation stated that snowmobiling is causing global warming and pollution of our air. Armed with this information the National, Park Service issued a statement on April 27, 2000 that will prohibit snowmobiling in nation parks. Assistant Interior Secretary Donald Baryy said, “The Park Service will impose a broad and immediate ban on snowmobiling on land in the national parks.” A joint statement was released just days after the April statement by the National Park Serive and the Snowmobile Association making it public knowledge that they were going into talks with the Environmental Protection Agency, to try and set standards and create a phase-in period to have cleaner-buring snowmobiles. Both new laws proved to be a victory for the environmentalist and a blow to all the avid jet skiers and snowmobilers of Michigan.

For the many similarities that jet ski and snomobiling share there are a few important differences. One of the more obvious differences between the jet ski and the snowmobile is the fact that they are ridden at different times of the year. Jet skis’ are ridden in the summer when the sun rays are strong and water temperatures are warm. Snowmobiles are ridden when there is lots of snow on the ground and temperatures are below freezing.

Another difference in the two sports is the state laws. In Michigan, a jet ski can be operated by a person at the minimum age of 12 years old and they must complete a safeety course through the State of Michigan and they must also have an adult on board at all times. However, at the age of 16 years old, as long as they have taken a safety couse through the State of Michigan, they can operate a jet ski by themselves. A person younger thatn 12 years old cannot operate a snowmobile. Persons between the ages of 12 and 17, may operate a snowmobile with an adult on board. They must also become certifed througth a snowmobile safety class offered by the state. It is also important to know that the young snowmobile operators cannot ride along highways, nor can they cross over highways or roads. The operator must stick to trail riding even with an adult on board. At the ages of 18 and with a successful passing of a safety course, the young rider can operate the snowmobile on their own. In taking these safety courses it ensures that both riders are respectful of the machine that they operate, and the laws both on water and land.

The riders of the jet ski and the snowmobile pursue thier passions for many of the same reasons. Both sports offer the rider a chance to experience the summer heat and the cold chill of the winter months. Another reason the sports are pursued is because both offer the rider a chance to see all the beauty that nature has to offer. It is this love of nature that draws criticism from the environmentalist. With the criticism both sports are getting from environmentalists have come new laws. These new laws have affected both groupds from being able to pursue their love of riding in natures most magnificent areas, our Nationsl Parks. The environmentalists are working hard to ban both sports from all local land and they are well on their way to succeeding.

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