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Overview Of Political Parties In Northern Ireland Essay, Research Paper


The SDLP is the largest nationalist party in the North of Ireland, representing over 60% of the nationalist community. It was formed in 1970, by a number of MPs (Member of Parliament) and Senators who worked for social justice, equality and civil & political rights for all. SDLP s leader, John Hume was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with UUP s David Trimble in 1998 for their effort to bring peace to Ireland.

Throughout its 29 year history the Party has stood for two basic and interlinked principles

— the rights of all in Northern Ireland to the identity, ethos and way of life of their choice

— the pursuance of political and constitutional objectives by purely peaceful, non-violent means.

SDLP have worked for a political agreement which has laid the foundations for a new future on this island, based on partnership, equality of opportunity and respect for difference.

The SDLP is working to build a new, agreed Ireland. They have always believed that the solution to the troubles in Ireland would be found through addressing three sets of relationships:

— the relationship between the two main communities in the North of Ireland

— the relationship between the North and South of Ireland

— the relationship between Britain and Ireland.


The Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) was formed in 1905. Being the largest party in Northern Ireland, the UUP was called upon to form the first Government. Over the next fifty years, while in government, the party worked to good effect for the peace and prosperity of the country. UUP s leader, David Trimble got the Nobel Peace Prize together with SDLP s John Hume in 1998 for their peacework in Northern Ireland.

The UUP remain true to their founding principle – commitment to the Union and British citizenship by supporting the union, traditionally to the right of centre in social and economic policies.


Sinn Fein s name is taken from the Irish Gaelic expression for We Ourselves. Sinn Fein is the oldest political party in Ireland, founded in 1905. As an Irish Republican party, their objective is to end the Britsh rule in Ireland. Since it was founded it has worked for the right of Irish people as a whole to obtain national self-determination and have a elected representative in every Irish town and city.

Sinn Fein try to end the partition in Northern Ireland, which is the cause of conflict, injustice and division. They base this new Ireland on sustainable social and economic development through;

— genuine democracy

— participation

— equality

— justice at all levels of the economy and society.

Sinn Fein try to obtain national self-determination and independence of Ireland through transformation of the Irish society and through a negotiated settlement. They re aware of that peace is not simply the absence of violence, but that real, lasting peace is based on democracy, justice, freedom and equality.

Sinn Fein also got a small breakaway faction which is against all participation to elections and democratic institutions.


IRA is a nationalist organization devoted to the integration of Ireland as a complete and independent unit. It was composed of the more militant members of the Irish Volunteers, and it became the military wing of the Sinn F in party. With the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922, the IRA became the stronghold for the supporters of Ireland s dominion status and separation of Northern Ireland.

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