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Europe Population Density Essay, Research Paper

Europe is one of the most densely populated regions in the world, but there is great variation within the region. The densest areas seem to center around major capitol cities and major tourist sites in Europe. London, Paris, and Rome are examples of this. The most densely populated areas where there are over 250 people per square mile seem to also fit into the economic core of Europe, especially in the “banana” region where there are lots of industries. The third reason that this is such a populated area is because of the Marine West Coast Climate. It is a relatively mild climate, which makes it appealing for agriculture and living conditions.

The next category is largely influenced by the climate. The Humid Continental, Marine West Coast, and Mediterranean are the climate types in the region have 125-250 people per square mile. People tend to favor and migrate to these climates rather than the cold tundra and highland climates. The dominant soil is alfisols, which is generally a fertile agricultural soil. Another reason for the amount of people in this category is that there are not large mountain ranges or physical obstacles that could hinder living environments.

Much of Europe is covered with a density of 25-125 people per square mile. This category spreads through Spain, along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and is in parts of the Former Soviet Union. Many of the regions in Eastern Europe are struggling economically and the quality of life is poor, which could be reasons for this density. In these areas where there are 25-125 people per square mile, minerals such as iron ore, lead, copper, and zinc, are abundant near the coasts. They provide jobs and boost the economy, which draws and keeps people. I think the major reason for the fewer inhabitants in these areas is because of the physical factors. There are mountainous regions that play a part, especially the Alps, Pyrenees, and Carpathians. The physical reason for the low density in Western Europe is the climates. They are more drastic because they are farther inland on the continent and the warmth from the ocean gusts and anticyclones do not have as much of an effect as near the coasts.

The last category is under 25 people per square mile. This is the smallest category in Europe. Physical factors are the main reasons for this. The climate types are mostly subarctic and tundra regions. Not much can be grown in ground that is frozen part of or most of the year, so agriculture has not flourished and drawn people to the region like in the Great European Plain. Along with that, there are not a great amount of minerals, only uranium deposits. The landforms play a part also with the Scandinavian Shield, Scotland, and Iceland having higher elevations with rocky soil and coasts.

These are the most important factors that I thought accounted for the population distribution in Europe.

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