Реферат: Is That My Mothers Words Coming Out

Of My Mouth Essay, Research Paper


My favorite phrase during my teenage years was, ?When I

have children I won?t treat them like you treat me!? Now I am

sure every mother on earth has heard their daughters say these

words, but at the time I had put all the venom a 13 year old could

into those words. I was sure I had deeply wounded my mother

and this would send her screaming into the dark Carolina night. I

was so wrong. She didn?t turn a hair on her permed head. Could it

be she had heard these words before? Her single retort would

always be ?Wait until you have children of your own and you?ll see

what I have to put up with.? Little did I realize these words would

someday come back to haunt me and upset the serene picture I

had of myself.

Imagine my disbelief when my own daughter, Angie, and I

had our first serious argument. We were discussing her curfew and

when she was expected to be home. No excuses excepted! We

definitely had a difference of opinion and the air had suddenly

became tense with barely hidden animosity. Just as we both were

losing control, I heard my mothers words coming through loud and

clear. I looked around our kitchen thinking my mom was paying a

surprise visit and had helped herself to our argument. But sadly the

truth began to sink in.

I felt lightheaded with shock when I realized it was me saying

the words that had echoed around my mind since childhood. I

heard myself say, ?If you live in my house you?ll do as I say.? I had

even copied the tone of my moms voice. I had backslid to a dark

place that I had promised myself I would never visit. Visit? I had

taken out a lease and moved right in.

Suddenly a stranger thing was happening. My sainted (now)

mother was right. All the things I had heard her say was for my

own good! I had an epiphany right on the spot. Now I was really

going to let Angie have it. She needed to hear my words of

wisdom and learn to accept rules and restrictions as part of

everyday life. This pious attitude lasted for about 1 minute before

the absurdity of the situation set in.

I burst out laughing! The impact of my words had lost their

intended punch when I lost control. How could Angie take me

seriously when I couldn?t stop laughing? I truly wish my mother

could have been there in that kitchen to see what a little laughter

could accomplish. All the ill will had vanished and in its place was

disbelief and hilarity. Angie told me later she thought I had

snapped and was losing my mind. I had gone from a screaming

hissy fit to laughing my head off, in the best Broughton style,and it

was a scary thing to witness. She said she was tempted to slap me

like they do on television to bring me back but didn?t want to see

where that would lead. When I finally gained control of myself, I explained what I felt like when my mom had spoke to me like that.

She went on further to say, ?Mom, I don?t know what the big deal is

you?ve sounded like Grandma a million times.? Why didn?t she

just take a butcher knife and cut my heart out? I had been so blind

to my parenting skills that I didn?t even realize that I had already

became my mother. Life really is a big circle and everyone gets a

little dizzy when they realize it.

There is a popular saying in todays society, ?You are a

product of your environment.? This saying never seemed very

relevant until now. I am sure that someday Angie and her

children will share the same experiences that we had. I can only

hope that it to will result in laughter and good times as they watch

Angie turn into Pam.


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