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Stereotypes At Center Grove High Essay, Research Paper

Stereotypes at Center Grove High

Throughout life we see different types and groups of people. Everyone goes through, or is depicted in some kind of stereotype. There are three main stereotypes at Center Grove High School: preps, gangsters, and alternatives. There are Characteristics why a person may fall into one of these groups. Though most do not like to admit it. Everyone at some point in his or her life will be stereotyped. People are also stereotyped by who they hang out with. ?You are who your friends are.? Just because you wear a certain brand of clothing does not put you in a stereotype; however, there are brands of clothing that certain groups wear a lot.

The first major group at Center Grove is the Preps. This group makes up most of the school. Preps are considered to be well-dressed, good students, and most are athletic. ?Jocks?, ?goody-goodies?, and ?marching band? make up the prep group. They are all over-achievers in some way or another. They also strive for school spirit and they lead the school academically and athletically. Their style of dress is tight or body fit clothing. Shirts tucked in and belts worn. Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle are some of the brands they wear.

The next major group are the Gangsters. Most in this group are considered to be rebellious, troublemakers, and drug dealers. Individually most are not all these things, but when together, they tend to get a little crazy. They are very protective of the people in their group. ?wanna-be?s?, ?hoodrats?, and ?gang-bangers? make up this group. A lot of the Gangsters at Center Grove are not in real gangs, even though they act like it. Their style of dress consists of baggy jeans and shirts. Tommy Hilfiger, Fubu, and Fila are brands of clothing they wear.

A smaller group at Center Grove are alternatives. This group is more the peacemakers. ?Freaks?, ?Punks?, and ?hippies? make up this group. They all try to set themselves apart from everyone else. They are also unique in some way or another, doing something to make themselves stand out in the crowd. Their style of dress consists of baggy clothes, that look hand made. They often put patches or hand made designs on their clothing. They wear bright colors and often do not match their colors.

Most people are different when not around a group of people. When individuals with the same qualities get together they form groups or clicks. At Center Grove people have gotten together to form the Preps, Gangsters, and Alternatives. Though they are all different, they all have special qualities that make them stand out. I have also found in writing this paper that a lot of the stereotype isn?t really the person it is what they wear and who they know.

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