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Owen Meany Essay, Research Paper

In the novel written by John Irvin, A Prayer for Owen Meany, the protagonist, Owen Meany is portrayed an image which exhibits an unusual form of God through his actions and words. Owen Meany spoke and contributed in numerous ways to inform others of God, demonstrated characteristics, that proves his existence is more than special and for a purpose, and also visualized occurrences of many key future events.

Firstly, as Owen grew up, he began delivering his messages on life and faith. Owen had become an instructor in the community and in the church. Owens biggest deed was teaching John Wheelwright what faith was about, and what it meant to have it. John always remembered Owen because “he was the reason I believed in God, I am Christian because of Owen Meany” (1). Not only was it Owen who helped John through school, gave him the gift of reading, saved his life, and kept him out of Vietnam, he also taught John the most important lesson in faith; that seeing did not mean believing. He was a natural leader, he won people over by his persuasive words; “JUST BECAUSE A BUNCH ATHEIST ARE BETTER WRITERS THAN THE GUYS WHO WROTE THE BIBLE, DOESN’T NECESSARILY MAKE THEM RIGHT ” (277). Through Owens various words of wisdom, and many publications, he got others to believe in God, and also put forth their faith in him. In closing, Owen was able to enrich the thoughts of others directed towards God, which in turn, portrays Owen as a messenger sent by God, thus an instrument.

Next, Owen Meany found belief in that God had made him for a special and valuable purpose. Owen believed he was the reason John s mother Tabitha was killed. After having entered her room, Owen witnessed a frightening image of a ghost. Owen Meany believed he had just interrupted the angel of death at her work, and was passed the torch of John s mother s death. In Owens opinion, he had DISTURBED AN ANGEL AT WORK, he had UPSET THE SCHEME OF THINGS (102). From this occurrence Owen felt that God had assigned him a role that he was powerless to change (420). Owen with all his heart believed God was trusting him, to do his job on earth. In Summation, Owen was sent to carry out specific duties of God, thus making his existence special, and an instrument of God.

Finally, Owen Meany was given special powers that allowed him to see into the future. Owens first visualization came to him on New Years Eve 1953 during the community production of A Christmas Carol. Owen led the part of the ghost of Christmas yet to come. Owens visualization was experienced during the graveyard scene of the play. He immediately fainted, he appeared to be sullenly embracing his vision like the typically doubtless prophet he so often seemed to be. (246) Owen believed he had seen his name on a gravestone along with the date of his death. Owens second visualization came to his in his dreams, when he envisioned the reason of his death. Owen wrote of these dreams in his diary, he states, THE WAY THEY LOOK AT ME, I KNOW TWO THINGS, I KNOW I SAVED THEN, I DON T KNOW HOW. AND I KNOW THAT THEY RE AFRAID OF ME (474). The happenings recorded in his diary revealed that he died saving Vietnamese children. Owen was not discouraged in anyway that this is how his life was going to end. He appeared content and remained faithful in his journey to save these children. The fact that Owen was correct about the date of his death, confirmed he had visions; hence proving Owen was able to visualize occurrences of future events.

In conclusion, Owen Meany exhibited three qualities, which helped prove him as an instrument of God. Owen helped and informed others of God, realized his destiny and purpose, and also visualized future event, including his faith. Taking these three characteristics into effect, we can now resolve that Owen is not an average being, and was created for a purpose. Taking this all into effect, it can be determined that Owen was a figure of God, through his gifted abilities.

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